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Mike Giannoulis

Michael was born in Tarpon Springs, Florida. A small, Greek heavy community. Growing up in Tarpon Springs means lots of Greek food, Ephiphany every January 6th (Greek Christmas) and of course lots of parties.

Michael loves his hometown and has had the opportunity to build his dream home with his lovely wife Rebecca. After graduating from Tarpon Springs High School, Michael kept it local and attended college at St. Petersburg Junior College.

In 2006, Michael graduated with his Associates degree. By the time he graduated, SPJC grew up as well, becoming a bonafide college and changing their name to St. Petersburg College.

After graduating with his Associates degree, Michael attended the University of South Florida for several years, but he did not graduate from here because he left to start his first business.

Later, after having a successful start-up, Michael went back to Western Governors University. Michael studied business here and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business with an emphasis in marketing. Michael graduated in 2014 with this degree.

Michael didn't stop there, however. He kept going to college and began working on his Masters in Business Administration staying at Western Governors. He graduated with his MBA in 2019.

Michael decided to study business because he has always been an Entrepreneur, even from a young age. He had the unique advantage of already being a successful business owner before returning to school, which gave him an edge in his studies. This also helped him with taking a lot of the "theory" that is taught in college and actually apply to a real life business in real time.

Michael loves business, marketing, copywriting, and helping business owners grow and scale their companies. That's why he went back to college to get his MBA. He was weak in the areas of finance and operations, so he made the conscious effort to improve those areas.

Michael works as a consultant and operator for many successful online companies. He builds teams of marketers, copywriters, and content creation experts who help the companies he works with thrive and grow.

Currently, there are 3 active brands that Michael oversees, in addition to staying very active on Twitter.

Personally, Michael has lived quite a life. From a young age, he had a debilitating stutter which held him back in his academic pursuits. He was able to overcome the stutter as an adult through intense therapy and daily practice. He has a special place in his heart for those who have had to overcome adversity.

In addition to his stutter, Michael also struggled with his weight for over half his life. At his lowest point, Michael weighed 540 pounds. He was then featured on the show Extreme Weight Loss where he lost 255 pounds in just one year. This was an amazing experience where Michael had to dig deep to achieve an amazing accomplishment.

This has truly changed his life in some many ways. Though there were more struggles after, Michael has now kept off more than 300 pounds for 5 years and counting.

Michael has several passions and hobbies. He loves finding new ways to be more productive. His newest love is Roam Research, a tool that he believes every student needs.

He also likes working out and walking. He stays active with his wife going on bike rides and beach walks. Michael and his wife live with their four dogs; Charles, Annie, Winnie, and the baby - Walter.

Recently, Michael found out there's another baby on the way... Rebecca and Michael are expecting their first child before the end of the year.