Email autoresponder sequence for a functional medicine expert

The goal of the sequence was to get readers to order the client's free book-as part of a larger funnel for higher ticket offers

Autoresponder Sequence

Note: confidential info has been replaced.


Email 1

Subject: You forgot something



You were this 🤏 close to ordering your free copy of this powerful book… 




But you may have been busy with other things. I fully understand. No judgment.


This is why I’m sending you this reminder.


And in case you can’t remember, here are 3 quick reasons why you, a health practitioner, should get your free copy of ‘my book’ now.


With it, you’ll discover:


> How to attract high-quality patients for your private practice. Time wasters will avoid you. Quality patients will beg to work with you.


>The exact social media strategy that made me over 7 figures in income, helped me serve over 4,000 patients and train 5,111 practitioners. pg. 80-92.


>The 10 essential steps to get your practice in the top 1% of the industry. pg. 54


Just click the button, and treat yourself to top industry secrets that are guaranteed to make your private practice more profitable and more efficient. All I ask is that you cover shipping costs.


“What if I read it and I don’t like it?”


I’ll refund your shipping costs and you can keep the book and all the bonuses (plus you don’t have to ship the book back).



‘client name’


P.S. I set aside a copy of ‘my book’ for you for the IMMEDIATE time being… but I won’t be able to reserve it for long – so many people have taken me up on the offer that I’m running out of books.


So don’t miss out – complete your order now!




Email 2

Subject: The ONE secret to building a successful (and profitable) Practice

Preheader: You need to see this





Spoiler alert, {firstname}: There is no “secret”. 


EVERYTHING that you need to do to make your private medical practice enjoyable- and insanely profitable- has already been done before.


The hurdles you’re facing? Someone already knows how to solve them. 


Your burning questions?     Someone already has the answers.


There is no need to reinvent the wheel.




Look, starting a private practice is hard. Tweaking the one you already started is even harder.


You’ll make mistakes… Bad calls will lose you money. Uninformed decisions could cost you quality clients.


Why would you want to go through any of that?


If you want, I’ve made it so you don’t have to. 


I’ve distilled my near-decade experience into an easily digestible book-in less than 150 pages.


In it, I share my EXACT blueprint for starting (and maintaining) a successful private practice as a functional health practitioner.


This same blueprint helped me serve over 4,000 patients and train 5,111 practitioners…


It helped me go from broke and unemployed to 7-figures in less than a decade…


How much?


I’m giving it to you for FREE. Yes. At ZERO cost to you.


No gimmicks. No ulterior motive. All I ask is that you cover shipping fees.


If you’re tired of crappy patients (and crappy profits), you NEED this.


Click HERE to get your copy.


With gratitude,


‘client name’

PS:  The book is a perfect resource if you’re an up-and-coming functional medicine practitioner and/or health coach looking to build, grow, and scale your practice. 


>> Get a copy of the book for FREE (plus shipping) here





Email 3


Subject: from broke and unemployed to 7-figure practice


I built a 7-figure functional medicine practice.


But it wasn’t always so.


In fact, I used to work for a company developing Functional Medicine practices located in high-traffic gyms.


I had my dream job serving my dream patients. I had my dream home. 


My wife quit her stressful pharmacist job to stay home with our new baby. My parents moved in with us.


Life was good.


But as that company expanded, it made financial mistakes. And things got ugly. fast. 


Debts started to pile up. My anxiety levels were through the roof 


I had to leave. And I did…


I went from broke to broke and unemployed.


But I still had two choices: 

  1. Wallow in self-pity

  2. Grit my teeth, roll up my sleeves, and keep pushing.


I decided to keep pushing.


I kept doing what I loved and opened my own Functional Medicine Practice.


But it wasn’t long before the cracks appeared. 


You see, I started my Practice with truckloads of desperation and passion. But I didn’t have the money to cover the HUGE start-up costs. 


But I was 110% committed to making this work… Going home to my wife and kid with my tail between my legs was NOT an option.


So I got creative… tweaked and tested new ideas. 


In the end, I discovered a NEW way to run a Functional Medicine Practice on a tiny budget…


I created a business model with virtually no overhead and no capital investment costs (this model works in any city, in any country).


Next, I had to scale. Using social media strategies, and what I’d learned from all my mentors, I was able to generate new, quality patients on autopilot. 


My practice has made a profit EVERY single month since I started.


Now if there’s one thing I’ve discovered on this journey, it’s the importance of setting yourself up for success. To do that, you need systems. Tested and proven ones.


It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or if you have an existing Practice that you want to take to the next level in terms of profit and satisfaction.


You need such systems. And I have something that will help you (don’t worry, it’s FREE).


I’ve condensed all my knowledge and experience into an easily digestible book -less than 150 pages.


If you want to:

  1. Set yourself up as a trusted authority, 

  2. Have an appointment  backlog of quality clients, 


Then you have to claim your FREE copy of ‘my book’. It contains the A-Z strategies that I’ve used to start, manage, and grow a successful Practice.


This 150-page book contains all my mistakes so you can avoid them. All my tips and strategies so you can use them. You get to be a fly on the wall as I guide you through how I established my 7-figure Practice. 


Replicating my success will be very straightforward.


All you have to do is plug and play. You go from a business owner who’s barely keeping afloat…


..To one who has quality patients clamoring to book an appointment. 


And you’re getting it for FREE.


No gimmicks. No catch-22. All you have to do is cover the shipping fees.


>> Go here to have yours shipped to you today! 




Oh, and if you find the book any less than awesome?


I’ll REFUND your shipping costs, you can keep the book and all the bonuses (and you don’t have to ship the book back).



‘client name’


PS:  The book is a perfect resource if you’re an up-and-coming functional medicine practitioner and/or health coach looking to build, grow, and scale your practice. 


>> Get your copy of the book for FREE (plus shipping) here

It’s also the perfect tool if you’re focused on transitioning and leveraging online strategies to have an even bigger impact on your practice and business – without any real downside.  









Subject line: how to charge more for your services 


Preheader: And feel good about it


Listen closely, Firstname…


You’re not nuts for asking to be paid what you’re worth for a service you rendered.


There are private practice owners who charge wayyyy more than you’re asking for…


These guys are making big bucks. I’m talking $15-35k per month in profits alone. Consistently. 


They get the juiciest clients. Time wasters avoid them. They have backlogs full of cooperative, well-paying high-value patients.




…Are they more qualified than you? Ugh, please.


…Do they work harder? You devote 110% to your job and practically sleep in the office. 


The ONLY difference?


They know how to sell their services properly. And something is likely missing for you.


These “top docs” know how to make their services look irresistible. You, on the other hand, may be stuck with time wasters. 


If you’re at this point, I understand. It’s tough. 


It was tough for me too. Heck, I was knee-deep in debt.


But I am grateful… Because the frustration that came with it pushed me to get creative- and get better.


I am now at the stage where I can charge hundreds of dollars for a single session and have clients happily pay it.


And if you want, I can show you how you can do the same. How??


Bear in mind that you don’t need a Ph.D. in psychology to pull this off. Nor do you need to be a savvy business person. You just need to know how to act and what to say at choice moments.


…You also need to read my book ‘my book’.


In it, I spill the beans on the exact frameworks I use to earn thousands of dollars for my services per client…




>How to reverse your clients’ belief that you’re too expensive.

pg. 113


>The ONE key question that will counter your prospects’ objections about price, every time. pg. 117


>How to communicate the value of your services and position them as the priceless investment that they are. pg. 125


>How to help people even if they can’t afford it, without burning out or giving away your services. pg. 127


Before you roll your eyes…

  1. I’m not trying to sell you anything 

  2. You’re going to get this for FREE (if you act fast)


Yes. For zilch, you will get <150 pages of all the strategies and lessons I’ve learned from my near-decade experience as a functional medicine practitioner.


You can get it now for $0.00 with the click of a button. All I ask is that you cover shipping fees.


And listen, if you think the book wasn’t worth your time?


I’ll refund you your shipping costs. No questions asked.


Go here to grab your FREE copy of my most coveted secrets…


And start getting PAID WHAT YOU’RE WORTH


(But hurry, I printed exactly 5000 copies of ‘my book’. And last time I checked they’re running out fast).


Your pal,


‘client name’ “top doc” ‘client name’


PS:  Whether you’re a new practitioner or a health coach looking to leverage online strategies to build, grow, and scale your practice, this book is the perfect resource for you.


>> Get your FREE Book with all the tools, resources, and bonuses (you just handle the shipping)








Subject: How to repel the wrong patients

Preheader: …And attract your dream ones


I’ve been on social media lately. And I’ll tell you this:


Health practitioners are furious


They work like ants. Shift after shift after shift at their various hospitals/companies.


And in the end?


They barely manage to scrape the rent together.  People who literally save the lives of others are severely underpaid and underappreciated. 


It’s heartbreaking.


If you own a private practice, this doesn’t get much better…


I mean think about it…


Aside from the mammoth costs of paying for office spaces, permits, and staff, insurance, and more, your patients routinely can make your life tough.


You work your butt off to make helping these people the center of your business. You genuinely care about them. 


And how do they repay you??


They waste your time. They give you migraines when the payment comes. 


They even disrespect your staff


Now I’ve got some hard truth for you:


If you can’t seem NOT to have crappy patients, or you’re attracting high-maintenance patients, then there’s something OFF with your business model.


Before your nostrils flare in irritation, I am NOT trying to discredit you. Or the passion you put into your work.


You give your body and soul to your practice. No debate.


But are you attracting a lot of patients who frustrate you?


Then I suggest you take a moment to ponder how you got to that point in the first place- like I did.


Retrace your steps. Find where you messed up, and fix the issues. One by one. 


There’s just one tiny problem… this process is painful and expensive (I should know. I’ve been there).


If you’d rather not figure out every single thing on your own…


I have something for you.




And before you say, “I knew it! This bald guy was trying to sell me all along!”


You’re getting this for FREE.  Yes. You don’t have to give me half a penny.

Just cover the shipping costs.


With ‘my book’, you get to be a fly on the wall as I walk you through how I went from a broke, failed Practice to a not broke, 7-figure practice owner.


You’ll also:

1. Learn this ONE strategy that will help you recover the cost of acquisition, deliver a world-class experience to your patients, and eliminate the frustration of having to follow up with patients to get them to come in, or chase people down to render your services. pg. 49

2. Discover how to ensure new patients are fully committed and will gladly stay with you until the end of their treatment. pg. 51


3. Understand how to elevate yourself from being a price-based commodity to being the go-to choice for your community. pg. 54


4. Learn the 10 basic steps to get your practice in the top 1% of the industry. pg. 54


Firstname, there is no medal for suffering. No awards for how many hurdles you had to pass before becoming successful. Nobody cares.


This is why you should take me up on my FREE offer while it’s still free (I WILL slap on a price tag when I see fit)


I’ve done all the work for you in my book. All you have to do is follow my exact systems (or tweak them to suit your practice as you please)…


…And watch your practice skyrocket 🚀 


So take my (FREE) book. Learn from it. It’s easily digestible (<150 pages)

You’ll be happy you did.


Your pal,


‘client name’ “Breakthroughs” ‘client name’




PS: One more thing: If you think the book was a total waste of time, I will REFUND your shipping costs. And you won’t owe me an explanation.


You can keep the book, keep the bonuses, so what’s the worst that can happen? 


So go here and grab yourself a free copy– while you still can.


PPS: The book is a perfect resource if you’re an up-and-coming functional medicine practitioner and/or health coach looking to build, grow, and scale your practice. 


Plus, it will introduce you to new cutting-edge strategies practitioners and health coaches are using to take their business online to have an even bigger impact. 


>> Get your copy of the book for FREE (plus shipping) here





Subject line: fair warning 


You may or may not know it, but you’re sitting on a gold mine!


Really, it blew my mind when I discovered a lot of private practice owners have no idea what their practice is worth.


And some may never know.


Millions of people are losing faith in the traditional healthcare system every day…


And for good reason.


  • They finally have quicker access to healthcare workers like yourself

  • They get to enjoy the discretion and calming environment that private healthcare services provide

  • They get to help people move from a ‘sick care model’ to a ‘ultimate care solution’

  • Not to mention access to the latest medical technology


If there’s something that happens with the right patients, is that they spare no expense over… their healthcare. 


Quality and discreet healthcare.


Most people are not getting this from the traditional healthcare system…


And this is the reason why hundreds of thousands of people jump ship to the private sector every day.


‘But, if there’s so much money to be made with a perfect private practice not relying on insurance, why am I still struggling to make any profit from my practice?’


Good question and the answer is really simple:


Since tons of patients are now more aware than ever about an alternative health approach, and many new people are jumping on the train every day, you’re bound to have all sorts of patients.


The good. The bad. And the really awful.


The thing you want to avoid…


Are those patients who are time wasters or people who don’t even want to help themselves


Those are the same people who are likely to disrespect you.


That may be why you’re finding it hard to remain profitable or boost your profits.


What do you really need? Cooperative high-value patients.  Some would say – high-value cash-paying patients.  In other words, how would your practice be impacted if you had simple ways to attract your ‘Marquee Patients’? 


The ones who pay without any hitches and even leave you an enormous tip for the wonderful service you provide.


Now I hate to break it to you, but there’s no easy way of saying this.


You will NOT get any of these high-paying, loaded patients if you don’t tweak your practice’s system. 


It doesn’t matter how good and organized your practice is…


You have to ATTRACT the patients you want.


Picture this: 


It doesn’t matter how sweet the nectar of a flower is…


It will never attract butterflies or bees with dull, ugly features.


So… how do you do it?


How do you turn your practice into the one that all the high-paying patients want?


Now I would tell you right here and now in this letter if I could…


But it would be impossible to fit all that knowledge into a single email.




I wrote a book that I will give you for FREE (just handle the nominal shipping). 






All you have to do is pay to have it delivered to you… 


That’s ALL.


Now, I could have created a course, instead of this book, and charged hundreds of dollars if I wanted (and I will, soon).


But first I wanted to get it in as many people’s hands as possible. 


I am on a mission to transform the industry…


I want to give you a chance to turn your practice (and life) around.


I want you to enjoy your private practice. And I want it to pay you well.




Why am I being so “generous”?


And as a fellow Practice Owner and someone who was once a massive underachiever, I have to do something…


Anything– to help. 


In my book, ‘my book’, you’ll 


  • Discover how to tweak your system and attract high paying patients

  • Learn to turn your practice into a world class, 1% practice

  • Learn how to maintain your high-paying practice with a proven, tested blueprint and plan

  • Use the 5 key analogies to counter any patient objection. pg. 75

  • Discover the ONE tool you MUST have to transform your business’s credibility in the eyes of potential clients. pg. 78




Do yourself a favor, firstname. Get this while it’s still free.


It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. That’s a guarantee. 


>> Click here to get your FREE copy and all the amazing bonuses we’ve included for you. 


Warm Regards,

‘client name’ 




PS:  Whether you’re a functional medicine practitioner or a health coach, this free book can help you build, grow, and scale your practice to get more patients and clients. 


PLUS – you’ll also discover cutting edge techniques other practitioners and health coaches are using today to leverage online strategies to have an even bigger impact.


>> Get the FREE Copy of your book (plus shipping) today





Email 7


Subject Line: generalist or specialist?


Preheader: End the scarcity mentality


Hi, Firstname


You are a brilliant healthcare professional who has undergone years of training and studying…


You’ve dedicated your entire life to honing your craft and expanding your knowledge…


There’s no one better at this than you.


So why is it that….


When the time comes for you to name your price and place the proper value on your quality services…


You aren’t as confident. Or you back down.


You compromise because you’re afraid of letting the ‘opportunity’ pass you by…


And perhaps you settle for less.


You see, a scarcity mentality makes you small.


It doesn’t matter how much you know, or how brilliant you are.


When you let your entire practice be undermined and undervalued by someone who knows nothing about the medical field?


You lose respect. You lose profits. You lose credibility.


But I’ll cut you some slack. Knowing your worth is something none of us were taught in school.


I learned this the hard way. 


I first learned this by running my own barber business. 


YES – at an early age, I had a hair-cutting business, and in the early days, I would many times give ‘everyone’ a deal. 


Especially – people who I had already established a relationship with. 


I had to ‘unlearn’…


Time and time again, I see it’s a big block for practitioners. 


Holding and presenting the value you deserve. 


But that doesn’t have to be the case for you.


At least not anymore.


In my book, ‘my book’, you’ll discover how to establish yourself as a specialist and AUTHORITY and beat the scarcity mentality.


I had to painfully learn on my own road to establishing my 7-figure Practice too. 


I’m a slow learner at times.


And boy, it wasn’t easy.


I was cheated, underpaid, undervalued, and underappreciated all the time by clients who couldn’t even put their money where their mouth is.

The worst part?


I thanked them for it. Because I saw it as an ‘opportunity’ 🤦‍♂️


And that is why when I transformed my practice from the SAME type of people…


Who later would call my phone day and night, begging me to name my price?


I knew I had to come up with a better way to do it…


And now helping you eliminate my mistake and block. 


There’s a HUGE difference when you’re positioned as a SPECIALIST and AUTHORITY instead of a GENERALIST. 


Now is the time to learn how to play the game so you’re positioned as a Specialist and an Authority…


And how to play that game to YOUR  advantage.


How to turn your practice from one that may be struggling to get a steady flow of high value patients…


To a practice with authority and credibility. 


One that attracts high value patients like moths to a flame.


Do you know the worst part about being a generalist (or worse, having the mindset I had early on)?


You may not even know you have it.


And that is one more reason why you have to get your copy of ‘my book’ today.


You’re getting it for FREE. Yes. 0 dollars.


All I ask is that you pay for shipping. That’s all.


Believe me, I WANT you to win. 


But you have to want to succeed also.


You have to learn how to get positioned as a Specialist and Authority…


And the ‘my book’ will show you exactly how to do that without sounding corny or unprofessional.


So make sure you get yours shipped to you.


It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s real.


I’ll be expecting you on the green side.




‘client name’.