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Live 3 Days from October 19-21;  9AM-12PM PST;Early Bird Registration Closes in

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Attention: Coaches, Authors, Consultants, Speakers, And Service-Based Business Owners…


“How Would You Like An Insider Access To Our Closed-Door Bootcamp… Where You Can ‘Copy & Paste’ Our Proven PR Strategies To Attract More Visibility To Your Business, Become A Celebrity In Your Niche, And Have A Long Waitlist of Dream Clients

…Even in The Most Competitive Industries?”


Give me 2 hours daily for 3 short days and I’ll show you the exact action steps to dominate your industry and fill your pipeline with loads of dream clients… 

without hiring a PR agency or spending more money on advertisements.



You Can Attend From the comfort of your home or office – attend with all members of your team if you want

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Early Bird Promo of $97 expires on September 16th at Midnight Pacific



Helped Me Gain National Notoriety As A National Expert on Asset Protection


“By following REMOVED step-by-step action plan, I have increased my media exposure and speaking engagements, and have gained notoriety as a national expert on asset protection and tax reduction strategies.”

Full-Time Copywriters For Part-Time Prices


President, CEO, REMOVED

REMOVED is the Gold Standard


“REMOVED is the gold standard when it comes to understanding the true nature of publicity and how to get the most of it while getting the most from it.”

Full-Time Copywriters For Part-Time Prices



Author of best-selling REMOVED


TakeREMOVED training and don’t look back


“REMOVED delivers! …templates, systems, step by step – here’s what to do instruction, no kidding solutions that rock, and NO FLUFF. Take REMOVED training and don’t look back.”

Full-Time Copywriters For Part-Time Prices




I definitely love REMOVED, because she is unique, having a seminar with her is opening for you new opportunities and new business ideas. She is extremely helpful and right on the money on how to achieve your goals on making money by telling you how to do your best publicity! Love her!

Nelly N


A Special Time-Sensitive Invitation From REMOVED:


Have you ever felt like you’re the “best-kept secret” in your industry?


Have you felt like your business will run a lot smoother and grow several times faster if only more people knew your business exists?


Have you ever felt like you’re on a hamster wheel…


Helping people solve their problems… getting them great results day-in-day-out…


Without getting enough recognition, leads, and referrals from all of your hard work?


If you answered “YES” to at least one of the above questions…


This is going to be the most important message you’ll read today.


Because with your permission, I’m going to hand you a simple PR system you can deploy right away in your business…


To put your business in the limelight…


Gain a well-deserved recognition for your hard work…


And ascend to the top rank in your industry…


While getting as many leads, referrals, and clients as you’d love to work with…


Without spending a fortune hiring a PR agency…


Or investing several hours each day experimenting with textbook publicity strategies…


Only for your business growth continues to stall and maybe even start to decline.


This strategy I’m about to show you is responsible for the successes of some of the entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches, best-selling authors, most sought-after public speakers, consultants, and even Fortune 500 companies you’ve most likely heard of.


This strategy is what a lot of these industry giants are using to…


Gain more visibility, credibility, and trust in their marketplace…


Increase their media exposure and build strong influence…


That makes their competitors virtually non-existent.


You’re going to see some of these people in the next few minutes.


I’m also going to show you why you haven’t been getting good returns from your publicity campaigns…


Plus… I’m going to reveal the big mindset shift you MUST have…


If you want to open up infinite opportunities for media appearances, speaking engagements, and recognitions…


That will lead to more qualified leads, referrals, and clients for years (and even decades) to come.


I know this sounds like a very audacious promise to make…


But pay attention to me because this is what I’ve been helping small, medium, and even Fortune 500 companies with for the last 3 decades.


Hi, My name is REMOVED .


Over the last 30 years, I have been the go-to person for executives, sales teams, and marketing departments of several Fortune 500 companies…


When it comes to their influence, marketing, and publicity matters.


I have worked with ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, BBC, CBC, and other national and international media as a highly regarded publicity expert…


My work has been featured in The New York Times, Women’s Day, Fortune Small Business, CBS, BBC, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Inc. magazine among several other big-name media outlets.


Full-Time Copywriters For Part-Time Prices


I’ve also had the opportunity to share powerful networking and publicity strategies on the stages of Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker…


Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Loral Langemeier, James Malinchak, Lisa Nichols, Richard Simmons, and many others.


Full-Time Copywriters For Part-Time Prices


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I’ve spoken on 6 continents and published 4 Best-Selling books in the area of publicity for small, medium, and large businesses.


My books on publicity, influence, and building authority have been translated into various languages across the globe.


And I have personally worked with more than 100,000 business owners from diverse industries to expand their media presence…


… Worked personally with them to flip this media presence into qualified leads, clients, and quality referrals over the last 3 decades.


But I do not say any of this to brag…


It’s to show you that I practice what I preach.


I’ve built my business from the ground up, the media appearances, the clients, and the speaking engagements across 6 continents – all from public relations strategies!


And even more importantly…


I’m saying all of these to show you the possibilities your business can get when you get your publicity dialed in.


I’ve used the PR strategies I’ll be sharing with you today to…


Go From The “Best Kept Secret” In My Industry To A Respected Authority Across The Globe!

I love REMOVED because she is a master at sharing her great knowledge about media in a way that is easy to understand for everyone. So helpful. Now I know what to do – and how!



I love REMOVED because she meets people where they are in their publicity journey and brings all the experience, talent and optimism she has to help that client break through. I have been so encouraged working with her that it has helped so simply some of the things I was going in circles on.




And like I said earlier…


You don’t need to have a robust publicity budget…


You don’t need to hire a PR agency and shell out thousands of dollars per month…


You don’t need to have a whole team dedicated to putting your name out there.


All you need is discipline and commitment to execute the simple systems I’ll be sharing with you in a moment.


But first… believe it or not…


Editors, Podcast Owners, TV Show Hosts & Media Experts Want To Talk About You & Your Business




These media outlets – with your perfect clients- with your perfect clients watching, listening, and reading – want to help you pitch your business to their audience.




Every podcast, TV show, magazine, website, and every form of media lives and dies by their content.


Content is what keeps their readers, listeners, and viewers glued to their media outlets.


Without great content…


Their businesses will die a slow and excruciating death.


But here’s the thing…


 Content Creation Is A Hard Game!


It takes a lot of time and effort for media publishers to come up with great content that their audience will love.


The work of every media expert becomes simpler when they have someone (or a business like yours) to talk about…




It means they don’t have to spend time digging for information to share with their audience when they can easily talk about you.


These media outlets (including the really big ones) are always HUNGRY for great brands with visionary stories to talk about on their platforms.


Your job, as the business owner, is to make these people fall in love with your brand, your story, and everything about you.


You must understand how to make a win-win pitch to these media experts…


And from my experience…


This Is Where Most Publicity Strategies Fall Short


The first approach most business owners take to get their name out there is to hire a PR agency.


But the fact is…


  • PR Agencies Are Not Ideal For Most Businesses –  because it’s extremely rare to get agencies that would pitch your business to media experts with the kind of persuasive energy, you would expend as the business owner and it costs several thousands of dollars per month.


  • Trying to do PR with online templates is a loser’s game – because these templates, pitch, and bio models have been overused and they read like boilerplate to these media experts.


Podcast owners, show hosts, journalists, and media experts are looking for really original and uplifting stories to talk about.


They need people who would pitch their businesses with great conviction that will make great content for their audiences.


You can see why you probably haven’t been getting as much profitable exposure as you’d love from your publicity campaigns.


Most of these pitches read like you’re trying to get access to their audience base…


Without giving anything in return.


Remember what I said earlier?


These people want win-win situations…


These media experts also want original and personality-driven pieces that will engage, thrill, and be valuable to their audience.


Unless you articulate your story and elevate your pitch to make it new, timely, and irresistible…


While making it sound like a win-win for both of you…


You’ll keep spinning your wheels trying to get media experts to publish anything about your business.


But on the other hand, when you have superior messaging…


Media Experts Become More Than Excited To Work With You…

And Everything Changes In Your Business!


You’ll find it relatively easier to land speaking engagements and spread your name everywhere in your industry…


Your marketing campaigns begin to convert a lot better because people have seen or heard about you from your PR campaigns…


You’ll start getting more qualified leads lining up to do business with you…


You’ll start getting more referrals from new and existing clients…


And your name will get plastered across your entire industry as the most respected authority.


That’s the power of being positioned the right way in the media.

I have helped a lot of businesses with PR strategies to take their businesses national and global over the years…


And I’ve been paid a lot of money for this service.


But today, I’m doing something different for small business owners like you…


I want to hand you a simple playbook to get your business more media attention…


And Show You How to Flip That Media Attention Into More Qualified Leads, Clients, And More Predictable Revenue That Will Serve Your Business For Years (Even Decades) To Come…

Even if virtually no one has heard about you right now!


I want to hand you the keys to the vaults that contain what is working right now in the media…


I want to help you craft your brand message, bio, and pitch in a hyper-persuasive way…


That cuts through the noise in your marketplace…


Lets you command more attention in your industry…


And be seen as the Number #1 authority in your industry…


Without spending a lot of time experimenting with different PR strategies…


Or shelling out a huge fortune to hire an expensive PR agency.



I love REMOVED  Because she has been there and done it.. She shows you step-by-step how it’s done. She’s invested in the success of each of her clients.



I am a physical therapist, who had to pivot to online work during the pandemic in 2020. Marketing myself is not in my DNA and working with REMOVED makes it easy and much less daunting!




You can comfortably implement the strategies I’ll be sharing with you in as little as a few hours per week…


And watch in complete shock as you start gaining more recognition in the media.


I want to show you exactly how to increase your visibility…


Gain more media exposure…


More credibility…


More qualified leads…


More sales…


To become a leader and a force to reckon with across your entire industry.


If you’d love to experience what it feels like to become the expert and most trusted advisor in your industry…


I’d like to invite you to join me in my new 3-day REMOVED Bootcamp.


Over 3 short days (in about 2 hours each day)…


You’re going to get…


An Insider’s Look At How Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Service Providers, And Small Business Owners…

Can Create More Visibility, Build Insane Reputation And Become Trusted Celebrities In Their Industries

…Without The Overwhelm, Time, And Financial Costs of Hit-and-Miss PR Strategies


Even if absolutely no one knows about you right now…


Even if you’ve been in business for only a short time.


These are the same strategies I’ve shared with the publicity, sales, and marketing teams of Fortune 500 companies…


…who have paid me thousands of dollars for a few hours of my time.


So.. if you’re ready to give yourself the recognition and respect you deserve for the transformation you’re making in people’s lives…


If you’re tired of being the “best kept” secret in your industry…


And ready to rise to the top of your industry…


Gain more local, national, and global recognition …


And start getting more qualified leads, clients, and referrals on autopilot…


Without shelling out a lot of money to hire an expensive PR agency…


Or spinning your wheels trying to figure out what to do, when, and how to do it…


Carefully read the words on this page…


And claim your ticket to the “PR Bootcamp of your lifetime” before registration closes.



The REMOVED Bootcamp:

The Small Business Owner’s “Playbook” For Gaining More Media Attention, Building Strong Authority, And Unlocking A Flood of Highly Qualified Leads, Clients & Profits


The REMOVED Bootcamp is conducted over a 3-day period (in short 2-3 hour sessions) for small business owners, coaches, consultants, service providers, and entrepreneurs…


…Who are looking to level up their publicity and start attracting lots of media attention…


That turns into a consistent flow of leads, sales, and revenue for years and even decades to come.


Over these 3 days, I’ll be hanging out with you in a secured and private room (that you can access right from the comfort of your home)…


Handing you a complete system to build your reputation as the most trusted advisor in your industry…


With a huge number of people filling up your pipeline, half-sold on working with you because of your reputation.


Mind You, This Is Not 17–Hour Days, Burn-Your-Brains-Out Kind of Bootcamp


 3-short interactive days walking you through PR strategies for your own business


It doesn’t matter what industry you are in…


Spirituality, fitness, accounting, real estate, carpet cleaning, coaching, consulting, or any other service-based industry…


You’re going to leave this Bootcamp with a well-defined set of actionable steps to explode your media presence…


Dominate your competitors and become “the expert” in your industry.


You’ll discover how to focus and present your message in a way that “attracts” media attention…


And get a drove of people ready to do business with you.


You’ll be getting exact scripts that I’ve developed over the last 30 years for pitching these outlets.


This Bootcamp is a done-with-you series of hot seats where we go over your business…


And come up with definitive PR strategies to leave your competitors choking on your publicity dust.


Whether you’re looking to just get featured in the local media outlets…


Or you’re looking to take your business nationwide and have clients from all over the country lining up to work with you…


Or you’re even planning to spread your tentacles and have people reaching out to you from all over the world…


The REMOVED Bootcamp will show you how to achieve all of these without shelling out a lot of money…


Or working yourself to the bones.



3 Days From Date to Date,

9am – 12pm Pacific Time

{{{Claim Your Ticket To The REMOVED Bootcamp}}}

Early Bird Promo of $97 expires on September 16th at Midnight Pacific


REMOVED  is a masterful business woman, PR professional and coach. Her programs are jam packed with valuable tips and techniques to get you seen! She is extremely generous with information, connections and gifts to continue to promote your business. Her creativity and knowledge is an asset to any business or author looking to be broadly promoted to the world.



REMOVED  is THE expert in how to get the publicity you want! She offered personal guidance during the workshop on my content drafts that helped me improve my messages. I found the system she teaches doable and will implement it immediately. I have no doubt that what I learned in this one-day workshop will advance my business goals tremendously! Thank you!



I wanted to understand how to promote my business without feeling pushy and inauthentic and she’s clearly a PR expert. What I learned in this class is that effective PR is a system.

The thing that most surprised me is how little time promotion takes when you’re prepared to do it.


REMOVEDl gives so much of herself to us! Just one class and my world is ON FIRE. Tangible steps to take to make a huge difference in my future. Thank you REMOVED 🔥



When I started, I believed this was going to be very complicated. I thought because it is media, news that it would be difficult. Now I understand what the news in looking for and to start out local. And to utilize everything available to get started. And to continue. Certain months and days. Past accomplishments, past connections. I would recommend this to anyone.


{{{Claim Your Ticket To The REMOVED Bootcamp}}}

Early Bird Promo of $97 expires on September 16th at Midnight Pacific


Here’s A Fraction of  What You’ll Discover In The REMOVED Bootcamp

  • Getting Direct Access To Media Decision Makers as you get to pitch to a panel of top media experts (if you can’t walk out with several booked spots on podcasts, in the media – you simply aren’t doing what we show you)


  • How to immediately be seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, USA Today, Fox News, BBC, CBS, and many more Media Outlets (without breaking your back paying huge fees to PR agencies) 


  • How to Get On Live TV, Taped TV, Podcasts, Print & Online, and have people reaching out to you continuously during and after these appearances.


  • How to Build the Trust, Authority, Credibility – Opening Up Doors for Speaking, Stages, High Profile Events & More


  • How to create Your own Media BIO that presells podcast owners, TV show hosts, and presenters on working with you  – I’ll Give You the exact template I used to book 76 Podcasts in just a few weeks!


  • The biggest mistake business owners make when introducing themselves on podcasts, TV shows, and the internet… that stops a massive chunk of people from reaching out to them.


  • How to tell your brand story in a few seconds and create a strong attraction effect on your media experts and listeners.


  • Perfecting Your Media Pitch – Timely, Relevant & Newsworthy: How to create the perfect pitch that moves media experts, editors, and publishers to write raving reviews about your business.


  • How to get Featured on Local TV and present yourself so that the best clients in your industry seek you out – as early as the next few weeks.


  • How to Connect (Correctly) with the Media, Experts, and Influencers in a way that makes them receptive to your pitches.


  • Exactly how to work with journalists and writers. (I’m going to show you how to influence independent writers and journalists to write strong and client-attracting pieces about your business.)


  • Crafting a Clear Message – How to Stand Out in the Media – so YOU are the ONE prospects are flocking towards and ready to do business with.


  • How to turn interviews into leads, sales, and profits by leveraging the subtle precursors that ethically lead people to identify with your message and raise their hands to do business with you


 …without being sales-y, pushy, or overzealous. 


(This is where a lot of business owners mess things up greatly. I’m going to show you how to turn interviews into a flowing stream of steady leads, clients, and profits).


REMOVED is the supreme expert on publicity and she makes learning about it easy and fun. The clarity I came away with and the simplicity of creating publicity announcements and press releases was priceless!



Her Message Will Help You Transform Your Business


“REMOVED spoke to our chapter about, ‘being the news.’ REMOVED is top-notch. She knows how to be precise, make it fun, and make people want to promote their business, I highly recommend REMOVED  and her message will help you to transform our business.”

Full-Time Copywriters For Part-Time Prices

Meeting Planner REMOVED

REMOVED, Colorado Springs, CO


Having a strong charisma and confidence is key to having engulfing presence in the media…


When you join me in the 3-day REMOVED Bootcamp, I’ll hand you…


The 7 Keys to Having Unstoppable Confidence in the Media…


So you can go out there and claim the recognition your business deserves…


Even if you believe you’re a hardcore introvert currently.


That’s not all… I’ll also hand you…


  • Our step-by-step checklists, fill-in-the-blank tools, emails, and more to get PR – starting in less than 3 days (this set of tools will save you months of creating assets from scratch so you can start getting more attention immediately)


I need to say that this is not one of those woo-woo events.


You’re not just going to sit at your screen all day and watch me spill information that you might not end up using…


We’re also going to have…


Hot-Seat Sessions Where We’ll Be Coming Up With Custom PR Strategies Specifically For Your Business


You’ll spend 3 short fun-filled days planning and executing PR strategies for your business…


With me right there… guiding you at every step of the way.


You’re going to walk away from that event on the third day…


…with crystal clear action steps to cement your authority in your industry…


And Get Tons Of Leads, Clients, And New People Excited To Work With You!


I’m going to eliminate all the confusion you have regarding your PR strategies right now…


So you can almost immediately start attracting editors, media experts, TV shows, podcast owners, and other experts…


…who are excited to work with you.

{{{Claim Your Ticket To The REMOVED Bootcamp}}}

Early Bird Promo of $97 expires on September 16th at Midnight Pacific


Imagine how relaxed you’ll feel knowing you have a PR system working morning and night for your business success…


You’ll almost immediately start to see an instant boost in the number of leads you get from your marketing campaigns…


You’ll start attracting the cream of the crop clients in your industry…


You’ll have your calendar lined up to the last column with tons of quality leads from referrals and your media appearances


You no longer have to lose sleep feeling like the best-kept secret in our industry…


You get off the unending hamster wheel of starting and stopping your PR activities…


Because you’ll now be getting a huge ROI from your little investment in PR.


But that’s not all this Bootcamp is all about.


You’ll also be…


Getting Direct Access To Media Decision Makers 


You will have the opportunity to pitch the media on the second day of the Bootcamp


My hand-selected experts are also going to tell you exactly what to say to make these decision-makers receptive to you…


And get them excited to give you and your business the publicity and attention you deserve.


At the end of the third day, you’ll be walking away with a system to…

Unlock A Brand New Stream of Leads, Sales, And Profits You Never Had In Your Business

Think about this…


When you have a strong and almost-automated system putting your name in the media around the clock…


Your stress and worries about going down as the best-kept secret in your industry will melt away…


Your business will start running smoother…


Because you have people reaching out to you from TV shows, podcasts, and websites you have featured on.


Your pitch on social media, podcasts, TV shows and newspapers will excite quality prospects to work with you…


You’ll have more time, energy, and money to bring on A-players into your business to take the daily grind off your plate.


And when you finally have a team of A-players on board…


You could decide to take months off the business to recharge… without worrying if the ship will sink before your arrival.


If you’re starting to see how this interactive bootcamp can take your recognition, fame, and profits to the next level…


You should not hesitate a bit to grab your ticket before the timer on this page runs out.



3 Days From Date to Date,

9am – 12pm Pacific Time

{{Click Here To Claim Your Ticket to The REMOVED Bootcamp – and GET OVER $1,029 In BONUSES}}

Early Bird Promo of $97 expires on September 16th at Midnight Pacific

This Bootcamp is going to empower you with all the tools, templates, and systems you need…


…to scoop up your fair share of recognition, authority, and dream clients.


Hiring a PR agency to do this for you will cost you several thousand dollars.

Right Now, You Can Even Attend The REMOVED Bootcamp… For Less Than The Cost Of A Decent Dinner


I’m serious about it.


The REMOVED Bootcamp is only $197 to attend…


Which is dirt cheap considering that you’d shell thousands of dollars per month to hire an average PR agency…


And you really can’t afford to not leverage PR to gain visibility and new business.


I have a long list of big businesses who want to cut me 5-figure checks to handle their PR.


I’m organizing this Bootcamp to help small business owners like you gain the publicity, exposure, and credibility you need to level up your business…


This is why… for a limited time only…


I’m allowing some early bird access into the Bootcamp.


Claim $100 off the ticket fee to the REMOVED Bootcamp valid until September 16th at Midnight Pacific.


{{{Regular fee: $197

Today’s investment: $97 only (save $100)

{{{Claim Your Ticket To The REMOVED Bootcamp}}}

Early Bird Promo of $97 expires on September 16th at Midnight Pacific

It Will Shift Your Perspective on What PR Really Is


“I’ve been to every workshop you could possibly imagine. REMOVED has been invaluable. … It will shift your perspective on what PR really is.”

Full-Time Copywriters For Part-Time Prices


Founder of REMOVED Consulting


One Article in a Local Paper Resulted in Three Speaking Engagements


REMOVED  training has been instrumental in my results with the media in Houston. One article in a local paper resulted in three speaking engagements! Now I’m using that one article to leverage broader media attention. Most recently I was featured in a prime time news slot on a major Fox station. Thank you for encouraging me to contact media with my story!”

Full-Time Copywriters For Part-Time Prices


Leadership Trainer


Register Now And Get Instant Access To Early Registrants Bonuses


(Yours To Keep Forever Even If The Bootcamp Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations)


 The “Get Booked” Bio Checklist & Template (Value $147) shows you how to easily create a bio that gets the media’s attention, and quickly and easily helps them to identify the problem you solve.


The REMOVED Template (Value $147):   This simple, fill-in-the-blank template will help you get positioned as an expert with the media and easily demonstrate your capabilities and skills in 60 seconds or less – to show the audience that you can solve their problems.  This gives you the quick and easy script to ace any media interview and also gives you media confidence.

REMOVED Audio (value $97):    This simple training will give you a blueprint on how to attract the right fit partners who want to introduce you to their thriving communities.  Imagine just ONE influencer opening the door to their community of over 20,000 rabid fans. 

 How would this shift the game for you?  

This audio also gives you easy-to-use publicity strategies, bullets, and practical ideas that quickly attract the attention of the media.

Special report – REMOVED / value $47 –  This simple one-page checklist shows you what to do and what not to do to be a hit with media and on your media appearances. 

This tool helps you get more media, and also helps you have the media wanting you to come back over and over again to help their audiences.

REMOVED Checklist (value $47) –  This simple checklist will help you get positioned with authority, and credibility so you can more easily attract the media and clients to your business (without needing to be an over-the-top circus clown).

You’ll get simple, get it done publicity steps for things you need to do to get media attention right now.

Special Report: REMOVED (value $47)

This is a culmination of my 30+ years of business experience. This report covers everything from how to connect and forge profitable bonds with powerful people so you can accelerate your business growth.

I also talked about the crucial things you need to do to get your business seen and heard. Follow these commandments and watch your business thrive.

The REMOVED Coaching Session With My Team (value $497) – 

during this session, we’ll give you a custom blueprint and identify where you are, where you want to go,  identify the gaps in your PR and Media opportunities, and then give you a proven custom blueprint to get in place.

You’ll walk away from the session with breakthroughs in your life/career/business and you will be in a position to make an intelligent decision that will likely positively shape your future.

{{Click Here To Claim Your Ticket to The REMOVED Bootcamp – and GET OVER $1,029 In BONUSES}}

Early Bird Promo of $97 expires on September 16th at Midnight Pacific


Register Today And Get Instant Access To The Private Smart Community of Other Business Owners


When you pick up your ticket to the Bootcamp today…


I’ll be introducing you to an exclusive community of smart, supportive, and free-minded business owners.


These people will be there with you every step of the way to help you give your business the attention it deserves.


It can get lonely once in a while…


But this community of fellow entrepreneurs will keep you motivated and get you going.


This community is also an avenue for you to network with other high-performance entrepreneurs and form strategic partnerships.


These people could become a stream of endless and unsolicited high-quality referrals to your business.


You’ll also receive special, unadvertised bonus pieces of training from me from time to time in this community.


{{Click Here To Claim Your Ticket to The REMOVED Bootcamp – and GET OVER $1,029 In BONUSES}}

Early Bird Promo of $97 expires on September 16th at Midnight Pacific

As it is now…


You Have Two Paths With Different Destinations  Ahead of You Right Now


The first path is to skip what you’ve read here…


And continue doing what you’ve been doing exactly how you’ve been doing it.


You can continue the hiring and firing of your PR agencies because they’re not giving you and your business the publicity you deserve…


You can continue bearing subpar results from your marketing efforts because nobody knows you…


You can decide to sit back and continue feeling like the “best kept” secret in your industry…


While watching your less qualified competitors continue to gobble up all the good clients and recognition.


You can sit back and fold your arms as people who could benefit greatly from your service continue to struggle in the hands of the less qualified alternatives in your industry…


Because you’re in a shell and no one has heard about you and how fantastic your business is.


You can decide to continue spinning your wheels with textbook PR strategies that don’t work in real life…


While dealing with the frustration, overwhelm, and worry as your business growth continues to take a hit with each month that passes.


Or you can take the easy way out…


Simply say “YES” to the REMOVED Bootcamp today…


Attend the Bootcamp for the entire 3 days…


Take 30 full days to implement the simple (and highly effective) strategies you’ve discovered.


If this Bootcamp doesn’t meet your expectations…

You Have My Unbeatable PR Triple Guarantee


I’m so convinced that if you implement the PR strategies I’ll show you in this Bootcamp…


You’re going to notice a significant improvement in your business growth.


If you don’t walk away with at least 3 NEW actionable strategies to transform your PR to get more clients and have a bigger impact..

Or you’re not completely thrilled, and energized about the potential of what PR can do for you in applying the PR strategies I show you in our time together during the event…

I’m going to issue you a complete refund (with no questions asked).

I’m also so convinced that once you attend the event, put the PR strategies in place, test them, use them, and reuse them in the next 30 days, you’ll be hooked for life.

And if you don’t feel it’s going to help you transform your business, then request your refund within 30 days.


You have nothing to lose


And there’s absolutely no excuse to not grab your ticket right away.

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Early Bird Promo of $97 expires on September 16th at Midnight Pacific

Important Note:

Due to the high level of personal attention and time constraints of the media experts that I’ll be bringing to the Bootcamp…


There are only a limited amount of seats available


So- register now if you want to take your business visibility, reputation, credibility, leads, and sales to the next level with Publicity

{{Click Here To Claim Your Ticket to The REMOVED Bootcamp – and GET OVER $1,029 In BONUSES}}

Early Bird Promo of $97 expires on September 16th at Midnight Pacific


Here’s How To Attend The REMOVED Bootcamp


Step #1 – Reserve Your Seat 

Put in your credit card details below and grab your ticket. 


Step #2 – Attend the Interactive Bootcamp Sessions 

Next, you (and your team if you want) join me in the 3-day virtual Bootcamp to discover cutting-edge publicity strategies, contacts, and templates to accelerate the growth of your business.

Each session is less than 3 hours.


Step #3 – Decide If It’s Worth it

Take 30 full days to put the PR strategies you’ve seen into practice.

If you don’t feel like what you’ve learned is worth several times the $97 you invested…

Reach out to me and I’ll issue you a full refund (with no fine prints)

I LOVE REMOVED  because she has such clear, practical processes in how she teaches publicity! She makes it appear so much easier than what we might think. Some really great ideas. I loved the energy she created during the event! Thank you  for your awesomeness!



I Loved the session with REMOVED as she guided us on how to be more structured with our message, bio, articles and announcements. She makes learning fun and exciting, love the props. She actually gave us more value than was expected. Attending as a non-profit, it was great to learn these techniques from an Expert, I will implement the learnings. I am Thankful and Grateful to REMOVED and her amazing Team. Much Love and Light



Her events are well thought out, lively and jam packed with practical advise honed from many years in the media and messaging arena. Simple templates and practice time in small groups was a way to embed the knowledge shared. Look forward to more events! Warmly





REMOVED  has a wealth of publicity knowledge that she shared with us and I have several great things to implement. Thank you REMOVED  for sharing your wisdom and inspiring us!



REMOVED  gives so much value when she shares info in her training. She goes all out and gives of herself to the fullest and expects the same of you. She is passionate about her audience taking full advantage of all the information shared. She practices what she preaches and she is the “Real Deal in the Visibility World.” I love the resources shared but I also love the connections made in her group. Her energy is contagious! Everyone should experience time with REMOVED !



REMOVED  Crash Course is fabulous!


“I’ve had a huge take-away… REMOVED  Crash Course is fabulous! Go study with REMOVED , she knows what she’s talking about.”

Full-Time Copywriters For Part-Time Prices



Does This Sound More Than Fair To You?

Great! Reserve your seat by filling in your information in the section below


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Full-Time Copywriters For Part-Time Prices


Full-Time Copywriters For Part-Time Prices


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Full-Time Copywriters For Part-Time Prices


  • Who is the REMOVED Bootcamp for?


The Publicity Breakthorugh Bootcamp is for small business owners, hardworking entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, authors, and speakers who want to enjoy free publicity for their businesses and get their well-deserved recognition…


Without spending thousands of dollars per month hiring a PR agency or doing trials and errors.


If you belong to any of those categories, grab your ticket right away.


  • What will I get out of this challenge?


You’ll walk away from this Bootcamp after the third day with a set of action steps to attract profitable media attention into your business… including how to flip that attention into leads, referrals and revenue.


  • Is the Bootcamp in person? Where does it take place?


No! You can attend this Bootcamp (with your team) rom the comfort of your home or office.


It’s a virtual Bootcamp that holds on Zoom. You don’t have to spend money on traveling or hotel reservations.


  • Can I ask questions during the Bootcamp?


ABSOLUTELY! I’d love to hear from you.


This Bootcamp is an interactive one. You get to ask your questions and get feedback directly from me. 


  • What if I’m too busy to attend?

I definitely wouldn’t advise that you miss any of the live classes.


But if you do, we’ll provide a neatly-recorded version of the Bootcamp for you (and your team) to go through as many times as you want after the Bootcamp.


  • Do I need a team to implement the PR strategies I’ll discover in the Bootcamp?


The PR strategies you’ll discover in the Bootcamp have been streamlined to work for you even if you’re a one-man team.


You’re going to get simple publicity strategies you can use to start attracting media attention and cementing your authority in your industry.


  • What money-back guarantee do you offer if I eventually find out the REMOVED Bootcamp is not for me?


You’re covered by our proprietary PR Triple Guarantee.


If you don’t walk away with at least 3 NEW actionable strategies to transform your PR to get more clients and have a bigger impact..

Or you’re not completely thrilled, and energized about the potential of what PR can do for you in applying the PR strategies I show you in our time together during the event…


I’m going to issue you a complete refund (with no questions asked).


I’m also so convinced that once you attend the event, put the PR strategies in place, test them, use them, and reuse them in the next 30 days, you’ll be hooked for life.


And if you don’t feel it’s going to help you transform your business, then request your refund within 30 days.


  • How do I get started?


Simply click the link below to sign up for the Bootcamp and claim your early bird slot of $97 right away.

{{Click Here To Claim Your Ticket to The REMOVED Bootcamp – and GET OVER $1,029 In BONUSES}


Sample Type: Webinar Emails (Countdown)


72 hours to the webinar

SL: urgent: I wasn’t planning to send this yet

PT: the only guaranteed way for you to attend this training is…




Quick heads up {FName}!


As expected, my assistant brought it to my attention yesterday that we’ve had more signups for this training than our Zoom account can hold.


This means that not everyone will be able to attend this training live.


I wasn’t planning to send this yet…


But as it is, the only guaranteed way for you to attend this training LIVE is to join earlier than everyone else.


I’m going to start the call 15 minutes before Noon Pacific on Thursday so you can join in and not risk getting locked out.


Here’s your special invitation to join:


Insert Link




PS: here’s a very small sample of what I have in store for you on Thursday:


  • Why more millionaires are created during a depression and how the middle class can do the same.


  • Learn a unique investing strategy of the 1% that can allow you to put your money in two places at the same time!


  • The Rockefeller Strategy that can allow you to accelerate your wealth building and secure your money even in a down market. 


  • The 5 Step Elevation Method that allows the middle class to save, invest, and build wealth like the 1%. 


  • BONUS – A sneak peek behind the scenes of the “real” economy and how the 1% use this knowledge to invest differently than the middle class… and how virtually anyone can use this same knowledge to do the same things…


  • And much, much more



48 hours

SL: Answers to the top questions I’ve been getting about the training




How is it going {FName}?


I just want to shoot a quick email to answer the top questions I’ve been getting about our training on Thursday at Noon Pacific.


I’ll get into that in a moment.


But first, here’s your special invitation link to join the training:


Insert Link


Now, to the questions.


  1. Will the calls be recorded?


No guarantee. I intend to record the call and share it with everyone…


But I have held calls in the past where I got so excited that I forgot to record until we were more than halfway through the call.


The only guarantee is that you’ll get maximum value if you attend the call LIVE.


And you also get to ask me questions and get answers on the spot.


  1. Should I still join if I earn very little?




Obviously, the more you earn, the more you’ll have left over to put towards financial freedom, and the faster you can get there…


But the strategies I’ll share in this call are for everyone regardless of how much you earn or how inexperienced you are with money, cash flow, and investment vehicles.


  1. How many financial terms do I need to understand beforehand?


You don’t need any.


I’ve broken everything down into so simple details that everyone can understand.


I’m not here to tell you financial mumbo jumbo words because you honestly don’t need them to earn enough to take care of your family without betting the farm.

  1. Where will the training hold?


Here’s your invitation link again: 

Insert link


  1. How long will the class last?

I’ve structured it to keep everything between 60-90 minutes so you can go on with your normal day.


  1. What if the wealth transfer is not as big and disastrous as people are predicting?


It doesn’t matter.


Whether the transfer gets as big as we’re expecting or not…


The nuggets you’ll discover in this training will still put you further ahead than you’d be without them.


The strategies in this training work in a booming and crumbling economy.


  1. How do I get access?


Too easy. Just visit this page at Noon Pacific on Thursday to join.



Remember I told you this is the only time I’ll be sharing this information in a very long time?


I’m not sure I’ll be hosting a class like this any time soon or ever again for that matter.


If you’re tired of watching helplessly as some people get ahead in life…


And you’re left to scavenge for scraps while risking everything you’ve got on the stagnant stock market…


Here’s training you seriously don’t want to miss.


Talk soon,



24 hours

Quick question for you, {FName}, before tomorrow




Trust you’re as excited as I am about our call tomorrow {FName}.


I can’t get over fine-tuning my slides to make them absolute perfection…


I want this training to be one that will add a lot of financial comfort to your life over the coming months and years…


Even if you feel like you’re greatly behind right now.


I was just putting a few touches on the slides last night…


And it came to my mind to ask if there’s a question you’d like me to address on the call tomorrow.


We have lots of registrants so it’s practically impossible for me to note everybody’s questions.


But I promise to answer yours if you send it in early enough.


Hit the reply button and let me know what your question is right away {FName}.

See you tomorrow,



PS: Here’s your special invitation link to join the call tomorrow::

Insert Link


Try to join from a PC and a quiet environment.


You might get locked out if you don’t join in before we max out our capacity on Zoom.


(I’ll advise you to join 10-15 minutes before the class) 


Day of webinar

SL: Should I still expect you at Noon Pacific {FName}?

PT: It’s going down today




After so many days of writing about this once-in-a-blue-moon training…


I’m glad to announce that it’s finally here {FName}.


At 12:00 pm Pacific Time today (just a few hours from now)…


I’ll hop on a live call with you and hundreds of others who have signed up for this training for 60-90 minutes…


And I’ll show you the steps you must take right now to accelerate yourself to wealth and financial freedom even with the current chaos in the stock market and the economy.


It doesn’t matter how little you know about cash flow and investment…


It doesn’t matter how little you have left over each month after your basic expenses.


This training will show you how to get more out of every dollar you get…


And turn this financial chaos into a perfect wealth-building opportunity for your family.


Here’s your link to join in:


Insert Link

See you soon,



PS: I’ll advise that you join the call at least 10 minutes before the time to avoid getting locked out when we hit out the max number of attendants on Zoom.


P.P.S: I have some special undisclosed bonus for people that stay until the end of the class. That’s all I’m going to say about it for now.


10:00 am Day of Webinar


SL: re: your training starts in exactly 2 hours (details inside)

PT: your private invitation link inside




Hey {FName}


Not sure if you saw the mail I sent earlier so I’m hitting you up again.


I see you’re signed up to attend the ”3 Steps To Financial Mastery – Even When The Markets Go Down” free training.


Here to tell you the call starts in exactly 2 hours from now.


And here’s your invitation link to join:


Insert Link


If you’ve ever felt like the financial game is rigged against you…


Like there’s something the Wall Street gurus aren’t telling you that could help you retire early to spend time on the things you love the most…


Here’s your chance to level the playing field, improve your cash flow and accelerate your way to financial freedom…


Even if you feel like you’re greatly behind in terms of age and money right now.


It’s even more important than ever that you attend this training because of the great wealth transfer that’s happening across the country right now.


I can only guarantee that you’ll be able to attend if you use this link 10-15 minutes before the call. 


See you soon,


15 Minutes

SL: we’re going LIVEEEE {FName}, you coming?

PT: final call



We’re here {FName}


I’ve prepared all week for this.


I can’t wait to show you all I’ve got in store for you to thrive in the incoming financial chaos.


The rising prices and falling stock markets are just a symptom of the bigger problem as I’ve been telling you.


Come see how everything will unfold including how you can protect yourself and even get more of the green stuff to take care of your family.


Get your notepad and pen… and get inside now!


The room is filling up fast… hop in using the link below:


Insert Link


Just a heads up that there’s a special undisclosed bonus for everyone who attends this life-changing training.





P.S: I occasionally forget to hit the recording button sometimes until we’ve covered more than half of the class.


Join in now to not risk missing out.


Sample Type: VSL Script For Private Practice Coaching Client


Are you a health coach or private practice owner who’s stuck with time-wasting clients?


Does it seem impossible to attract high-value clients who are ready to pay you what you’re worth?


Or maybe you’re finding it impossible to start (or scale) your business without ruining yourself financially…


Well, in the next five minutes, you’ll learn how to attract your dream clients, serve your current clients better and gain more fulfillment from your practice.


Cool? Awesome…


My name is REMOVED. I’m the founder of theXXXXX, and I own private practice just like you probably do.


And within the last decade, my private practice has generated over 7-figures per year in revenue…


Now…You need to understand something: the world is changing.


More and more people are losing faith in the traditional health care system… And they’re fleeing in droves.


I can’t say I blame them. They’re being robbed by the system. Legally, of course.


I don’t need to dive into academic journals to tell you that people (especially in the US), are saddled with astronomical medical debts.


And if they’re not being financially ruined, patients are treated more as lab subjects than actual human beings. Holistic, total care is a foreign term these days


People are desperate for change.


They just want healthcare that doesn’t:

  • Put them in debt for life

  • Make them feel degraded

  • Or leave them worse off


They’re yearning for real results.


And as a private health practitioner, this puts you in a unique position.


See, you’ve got this massive influx of people looking to you for help. And they’re here because the traditional health care system has failed them.


People with real problems. From every background imaginable.


For example one of my earliest clients was an Olympic-level athlete!


He had problems that traditional healthcare had been unable to solve. And I was able to help him using methods I’ll share with you soon…


Listen, if you’re as passionate about helping people as I am, then you know how exciting this is.


You can help people when all else has failed. Your skills save families. It can give a person a second chance at life…


And your opportunities for personal fulfillment as a functional medicine practitioner are limitless


It Can Also Be Very Lucrative.


Let’s get real here for a second…


Being passionate about helping people is a MUST (otherwise you won’t get very far)


But the cold, logical reason you open a business of any sort is for it to be profitable.


And you know what? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You change people’s lives for the better. You deserve to get paid for that skill


Also, unless you’re evil, you’ll charge a fair price. People are tired of being held ransom, after all.


If you do it right, your private practice is your ticket to emotional fulfillment AND financial freedom (emphasis on doing it right).


But as you undoubtedly know, it’s not that simple.


New opportunities create new problems.


You can’t just rent office space, hire some employees, and hope to make seven figures a year. You need to know what to do. And what NOT to do.


Now I can’t go into detail about every single one of them, but here are three problems you’re most likely facing right now. 


You Have Limited Capital.

To start a private practice in the first place requires HUGE upfront investments. I won’t sugarcoat it.



>Office spaces 


>Staff wages… 


…You name it. They cost cash.


Like most ventures in life, not having money is a huge obstacle. Starting your private practice requires hard funds. 


But if you don’t have nearly enough funds set aside to start (or grow) your private practice, don’t despair.

After watching this video, you’ll learn how you can start a fully functional private practice with little to no overhead costs.


You Attract Low-Quality Clients That Waste Your Time (Often For No Reason)


With the surge of new patients rushing in, you meet all kinds of people. The high-value clients and the time wasters alike. 


The bad news is that this is part of the job. The good news is that filtering the “good” patients from the “bad” ones is dead simple. 


You do not have to walk away from conversations with impossible clients sporting a migraine.


There are effortless ways you can repel time wasters and low-quality clients while attracting the ideal ones. I use these methods myself. And I’ll show them to you in just a minute.


Scaling Your Business To The Next Level- While Keeping It Profitable- Is Proving Impossible 


Traditionally scaling a business is a grueling affair. 


Now forgive me for being so blunt- passion alone will not pay the outrageous gas prices. Or for your office space. Or cover your monthly operation costs.


You MUST scale your business to keep it profitable.  


Conventionally, this is a tedious and expensive process. But with the simple strategies I’ll show you, you can grow your business with ease even if you have low capital for investment.


Now, these are all bold claims and you may be wondering why and if you should trust me.


As I said, I’m REMOVED, a licensed chiropractor, and seven-figure private practice owner. I’ve also been doing this for most of a decade.




I took my business from 0 to 7 figures in less than a decade.


I’ve coached more than 150 practitioners just like yourself. I worked with them to scale their monthly income to 5-figures, 6-figures, and beyond.


I’ve served more than 4000 patients from every walk of life imaginable. 


And like I said, the reason I made the video is to help you avoid the mistakes I made.


How do I intend to do this?


Well, I wrote a book.


It’s called XXXXX


And hold on,  before you say, “I knew it! This bald guy was trying to sell me all along!” *chuckles*


This book is FREE

I’m Ready To Send It To Your Doorstep Right Now And Receive $0 In Return. 


I’ve already paid for the production costs. All I ask is that you cover the shipping.


Look, XXXXX is your step-by-step guide to growing and scaling your functional medicine clinic, chiropractor clinic, or whatever it is you’re doing.


It will help you take your business from barely breaking even to consistently generating $10,000, $20,000, and $50,000 in monthly recurring revenue.


I say this because, in this book, I spill the beans on the exact frameworks I use to earn thousands of dollars for my services per client…


You’ll Also Learn…


>How to communicate the value of your services and position them as the priceless investment that they are. (pg. 125)


>How to help people even if they can’t afford it, without burning out or giving away your services. (pg. 127)


>This ONE strategy that will help you recover the cost of acquisition, deliver a world-class experience to your patients, and eliminate the frustration of having to follow up with patients to get them to come in, or chase people down to render your services. (pg. 49)

>The 10 basic steps to get your practice in the top 1% of the industry. (pg. 54)


…And that’s just a tiny slice of what’s inside.


With XXXXX in your hands, you get to be a fly on the wall as I walk you through how I went from a broke, failed Practice to a not broke, 7-figure practice owner. 


I do this step-by-step, so you can copy me and see great results


Now I’m not quite done. 


You may think I’m crazy for doing this, but there’s more.


If you order your free copy of XXXXX today, you’ll also get access to my mini-courses:


> How to add over 1000 new community members organically in less than a month


> How to strategically fund your startup wellness business


> Building an Online and Offline Audience – even if you dislike social media


> How to become the most trusted sage (authority) in your industry


> How to Supercharge Your Practice With Video


> How to Grow Your Practice Organically Through Short Form Video w/ Dr. Bennett


> The 7 Energy Centers of a Successful Practice


> Playing big in a small world with my friend Karen Porter


> The Future of Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Drew Taylor


These mini-courses alone are easily worth north of $5000. 


But you get them for $0 when you order your free book today.


To get yours shipped to your doorstep within a week or less, just click the button below and let me know what address to send it to. 


Now I may be biased, but I think you should take me up on this.




For starters, imagine how much more profit you would make if you knew how to repel “clients from hell” and only attract high-value clients who are willing and able to pay you what you’re worth. 


And this is just ONE of the strategies you’ll learn from this book.

This book isn’t hard to read. It’s easily digestible: less than 150 pages. I cut out all the fluff and left only the important content which you can start using right now.


In case you’re wondering why I’m giving away this much value for FREE…there are a few reasons…


1. It’s my way of saying thank you for being a dedicated practitioner. Your patients need you now more than ever. Anything that slows you down, slows the mission down. 


2. I promised all my mentors that I would take their teachings and pay the information, wisdom, and experience forward by further assisting heart-centered practitioners.


3. I get one of my products in your hands, and when you see how awesome it is, you’ll be excited to apply the information, get results, and be thrilled to work with me in the future.


But Fair Warning… Time ⌛ Is Of The Essence

Here’s why…


I’ve only printed 5000 copies of this book, and when they’re gone… well, they’re gone!  


As I tell you this we’ve sold more than 3500 copies.

If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time. 


Now if all I’m giving away weren’t enough, here Is My “You’ve Gotta Be Crazy” Guarantee:


If you order the book, read it, and decide it wasn’t worth your time, I’ll refund every penny of your shipping costs.


That’s right! You don’t even have to send anything back. Just email me or call the number on your receipt and you will get your money back.


Quickly, with zero questions asked. 🙂


I’m that confident that this book will be transformational for you, your practice, and your community. 


So go ahead, click the button and lemme know what doorstep to send your free copy to.


PLUS, don’t forget you get instant access to my famed mini-courses


Sound fair?


So, CLICK on the button below to get your FREE copy now. I’ll be expecting your success story soon!

Sample Type: Lead Magnet (PDF Download)


The Ultimate Self-Care Checklist

5 Steps to Get Unstuck and Transform Your Mental Health



Have you ever been in a rut? 


A mental and physical state where your career, private life, and personal expectations are locked in a perpetual three-way tug of war?


Leaving you trapped in a cage of your own making with no idea how you got there and no idea how to get out.


And try as you might, you can’t strike a healthy balance…


Everything just snowballs into a vicious cycle of endless guilt and anxiety


Of course, no one else knows this…not even your partner. As far as others can see, your life is idyllic. You look like you have it all figured out…


But in reality…you want nothing more than to get out of this mental state that is making you more unrecognizable to yourself with every passing day…


This can be a tough situation to be in. And I know you feel as though hopeless…


But please listen closely…


What I’m going to share with you will help you get unstuck.


What makes me qualified to say this?


My name is REMOVED and I’m a Master Life Coach, Advisor, and public speaker.


More importantly, I was just like you!


I had the “perfect” marriage. A decent, well-paying dental medicine job, and a lifestyle most of my friends could only dream of…


Yet I was dying inside.


I was in the middle of a nasty divorce while juggling a draining job.


My relationship with my children was in near shambles…


Sure I was all smiles and confidence on the outside…


But hopelessness and despair were my constant companions. I was anxious all the time and terrified of the future.


Is this something you can relate to?


Deep down I knew what I needed to do. I just didn’t know how to.


That’s why I created this guide.


This is how to get unstuck in five simple steps.

Step 1: Honor Life


Honoring life is doing something as simple as showing interest in the person sitting across from you. Make eye contact. Offer a warm smile. 


Doing this will help you focus on having genuine interactions with other people.


This sounds simple. And it is…but it’s very powerful.


You’re less likely to waste precious time wallowing in negativity when you have meaningful interactions with people. Not when plenty of good stuff is happening right now!


Step 2: Get Quiet…And Listen

In order to find the confidence that you need in your life, you must do two things.

>Get quiet… 

>and listen


Being quiet is the ONLY way you can find your soul’s voice.


Quietness calms the mind. It connects the struggling you with the real you and silences the negative voices.


This is the stage where you answer the “Why do you do what you do” question. One that you’ve been too scared to answer for a long time.


Embrace your vulnerability. You don’t “Know It All”. And that’s okay.


You’ll see things with more clarity when you answer this question like wiping frost from your window on a cold night. 


Next, we move on to…


Step 3: Trust yourself 


By now you may be scared. What do I do next??


You trust yourself, that’s what.


This is when the magic happens. See, when you trust your feelings over your thoughts (usually, our feelings tell us what we need more than anything else), the real change begins


The goal here is to trust your feelings instead of your thoughts.


This also sets you up mentally for the fourth step.


Step 4: FEEL


Remember all the emotions that you’ve locked away?


The ones that were too painful for you to think about?


This is where you allow yourself to FEEL them


It’s not about trying to make yourself feel or experience something. 


You’re just allowing yourself the space and permission to just BE with what you are experiencing in each moment.


Does that make sense?


Don’t be afraid to cry. Crying helps. It allows you to release some of your pent-up raw pain…


It clears your energy field so you can move forward into a mental state where your energy is lighter and more accessible.


After this step, you become more compassionate to others, and you’ll get lots of compliments and compassion in return.


You’ll walk into work (if you have a job) feeling like a great team player and have more real energy than you’ve had in ages.


And that brings us to the last step…

Step 5: ENGAGE

After you’ve released your emotions, you can move forward with your life.


For the first time, you’re going to feel like you’re living your truth  – not wearing a mask that hides your self-doubt and anxiety.


Now? You engage in activities that bring you joy and happiness and fulfillment.


If a situation arises that makes you feel sad or angry again, you find it easy to let it go so you don’t get stuck in your head again.


For the first time, you can be in a body that truly reflects your inner sense of being—one with which you feel comfortable at work and at home. 


People who are attracted to you will match your vision and energy field too; allowing you to live as your truest self will reap positive results!


Go take on the world brimming with confidence.

Wrapping Up


In this short guide, we discovered the 5-step process to getting unstuck and getting out of your self-built mental cage.


So you can finally start living your best life while eliminating all negativity.


I’ve shared this guide with a very long list of people who are now living their best lives.


They no longer feel like victims. Instead, they wake up every day inspired and energized to be the best they can be…


I genuinely hope this guide helps you.


But what if I told you that you could have it even easier?


I designed a rejuvenating 1-day experience called A Day For You.


It’s a done-with-you, one-on-one coaching experience created to help you worry less and be fulfilled more.


Together, we’ll help you reach your true self through a series of simple yet powerful exercises… 


And you’ll walk away with less worry, inner peace, and a clear direction of where you want your life to go.


See how “A Day For You” has helped lots of entrepreneurs step out of the noisy world of inner conflicts into razor-sharp clarity and experience their biggest personal breakthroughs.