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Intermittent Fasting

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Thousands of years ago, before refrigerators were a thing and Queen Elizabeth was a little girl, early humans had to hunt down WILD BOARS and gather nuts and berries to survive.


It was a rough life. You knew hunger better than the back of your own hand.


There was no Dominoes, Netflix or Nutella.


And no overweight people.


Hear me out, the reason is simple: More often than not, our cavemen ancestors had no choice but to not eat. Often for days at a time.


Gathering and hunting food was sometimes not an option because there was simply no food to be had.


Now you’d think they must’ve made them look like scrawny hippies with broken porcelain for teeth and murderous eyes…


But ask any respected archaeologist and they’ll tell you that cavemen were very lean, healthy and fit.


Besides flaunting waistlines that most supermodels spend a small fortune to get- and maintain, they also did not have to deal with type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, heart diseases and being overweight.


So how did they do it?


In my research, the main reason why our prehistoric ancestors had:

  1. Trimmed waistlines,
  2. Healthy hearts,
  3. Controlled blood sugar levels…


…Wasn’t what they ate… It was about when they ate.


Countless studies have been done on this method. A particularly good one is linked down below if you want to take a look.


But here’s the main thing all of them say:


Skipping Meals At Strategic Times Helps You Lose Weight Very Quickly, And Improves Your Overall Health.


Some people give this a fancy name: intermittent fasting.


But most of those people have no idea what they’re doing, and end up giving you very bad and unhealthy advice.


I, on the other hand, have been helping thousands of people achieve healthy weight loss for  more than 10 years, so I know a thing or two…


And I can assure you that this ‘caveman’ method works to shed weight lightning quick- if done correctly.


It works even better when combined with a diet tailored to you.


I mean, why go to war with one weapon when you can take two?


Where am I going with this?


Don’t get me wrong…the keto diet is an incredible way to trim your waistline.


But combined with the caveman method – when done properly-  can get you results much faster.


And since you’ve taken the bold  step of getting your best body back, I feel obliged to help you shed as many pounds as you possibly can.


You’ve made it this far down. I won’t waste your time. Here’s what I’m offering:


–To Lead You Not Into Temptation


The number 1 reason why previous diets fail is because people have a hard time resisting foods that are bad for them.


Why does this happen?


Because no one told them what to do when temptation rears it ugly head. And if this is your first time doing keto?


You will be tempted. A LOT.


But still….whether you’re a first timer or you’re jumping back on the bandwagon, this will be of immense value.


If you choose to grab it, you will have access to comprehensive, bite-sized video guides that tell you exactly what to do when you feel like relapsing. So you don’t bounce back and forth with your weight.


To Help You Lose Weight In The Fastest Possible Time


Skipping certain meals- in a structured way- helps you lose weight by increasing the rate at which your body burns fat.


You’ll get a short, concise and easily digestible ebook that basically holds your hand and tells you everything you need to do to get started.


No guesswork on your end. No head-scratching.


I’m here to give you an extra boost…




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What is the caveman method again?

The caveman is a new approach to weight-loss where you don’t consume any calories at specific times. When done right, your body burns fat much faster


When do I not eat?


There are so many methods you can use. Many of them might not be suitable for you specifically.


This guide helps you choose the best possible approach for you, including when to eat and when to fast.


What can I actually eat?


When it’s time to fast, you eat nothing. You can drink water, black coffee without sugar or any other zero calorie drink.


When it’s meal time, we make it easy so you can combine your keto meal plans with the caveman method for an easy-to-follow experience.


How long before I start to see results?


If you use the caveman method or do the keto diet separately, you typically start seeing results around week 2 to 4.


Combine both together? You start shedding pounds as early as week 1 to 2


My advice? Choose week 1 to 2


Are there any side effects?


The caveman method is full of health benefits including:

  1. Reducing your risk of heart disease
  2. Reducing the risk of degenerative brain disorders like Alzheimers disease.
  3. Increasing your lifespan


However, like anything that involves your health, please contact your doctor if you have any doubts or serious pre-existing conditions.



Become A Caveman (Or Cavewoman)



PS: Here’s the link to those studies I mentioned earlier.