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Sales Email Copywriting

How To Multiply Ecommerce Sales With Email Copywriting

Would you like to increase your physical product sales without spending an extra cent on ads?

If your answer is yes, then you’re about to discover how adding a splash of storytelling to your emails can:

  • Build a bond with your customer and boost brand awareness
  • Get existing customers to pay for your ads
  • Maximize your profit margin and increase your cash flow
Sales Email Copywriting

And all this while giving you added security against unpredictable platform decisions like having your ad account suspended or even worse, banned.

Sound good? Great, let’s get to it.

When looking at your inbox, where do your eyes scan first? The chances are it’s to see who sent them. If it’s someone you want to hear from, you’ll read the subject line and open it up.

Sure, this may not always be the case, but If you have a good relationship with the sender, you’re more likely to open their emails. You know you’re getting something valuable from them.

The same is true for your customers, and this is where email becomes a very exciting opportunity. You have the chance to build a relationship with them by delivering the right message at the right time.

Let’s unpack this and see what the right message actually means and why it’s so exciting?

Build a bond with your customer and boost brand awareness

Imagine this morning you see an email from a company that sells natural body products. The subject line reads "New botanical cream 10% off while stocks last!" Hmmm, maybe it piques your interest a little, so you click through. Inside there's a big flashy image of the cream in a fancy-looking bottle, a few features, and a "Buy Now" button.

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Now, imagine you woke up this morning with a thumping headache. This time you see the subject line “Waking up with a headache… have you checked this?” Now, before you even go any further, do you already feel like you have to see what’s inside?

Probably yes. So you open the email to find a story from the founder about how they used to suffer from headaches. How they searched for the cause before finally discovering it was most likely due to stress. They tried a certain essential oil mix at night and it really helped to calm and relax their mind. And that’s how they came up with the idea for their new cream.

As you read the email you may relate to the story. Even if you didn’t have a headache, it could remind you of a time you did. The subject line alone has enough curiosity to click through and let the story do the rest.

Do you think there’s more chance you’ll buy from someone who has a story you can relate to? Who found a solution, then cared enough to share it with you? Odds are it’s more likely. This is why understanding what your customer wants at every stage of their journey with your brand is critical.

There can be a right time for a promotional email, but maybe it should come later. Why not add some value to your product first, because that’s how brand awareness grows, stories are shared and bonds made.

Get existing customers to pay for your ads

Just like the example above let’s say you have created a story around all of your physical products. Now, instead of switching your ads on first, what if you share some emails to your list instead.

Let them know about some benefits of a product, what’s going on in your business, or the new product that’s coming soon. If you’re delivering the right message to a nurtured list, then you could get sales from customers you’ve already paid to acquire. That makes sense, right?

While we are on this point, say you really did get a headache this morning. One in the form of your ad account getting suspended or banned. Where would that leave your business? Could you be in a sticky situation? What if this happened the week leading up to Black Friday?

You could send out some promotional emails with big discounts and join everyone else in a race to the bottom on price. Or you could have an engaged list of customers who are looking out for your emails in a sea of screaming inbox offers.

Maximize your profit margin and increase your cash flow

You might be thinking, “Yeah, it sounds good, but how do you write all these stories and send out the best emails you can?”. Well sure, there’s no pretending it’s easy. Just as it’s an art form to tell a good story in person, it’s a fine art to do it in emails. This is where the power of having your own email copywriter on retainer becomes a game-changer.

Especially when it comes to your automation. For example, your abandoned checkout sequence. When someone doesn’t complete their transaction, a popular response is to send a string of emails offering ever-increasing discounts.

What if all you’ve done is train your customer to leave items at the checkout because they know a discount is coming. This discount strategy could be good to give the loyal returning customer. But if it’s a new buyer then your message can be different, it can be better. Consider what is stopping the purchase, they may need a little reassurance about your delivery time or the product quality. At least take the opportunity to try because you may not need to give a discount so quickly.

This is not even scratching the surface. There’s a huge opportunity for you to seriously consider all the possibilities you have to stand out as a brand and make the most of every touchpoint with your customer. Create as many story-based emails as possible and be a pleasure to have in their inbox.

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