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Sales Letter Copywriting

If you’re struggling to write a high converting sales letter, or not even sure how to get started… then the truth is you’re not alone.

With all the possible formulas and structures to choose from, it can be a frustrating project to work on.

So to help simplify things and find the best option for you, how about we do something a little different.

Let’s go behind the scenes and walk you through the process we use at CopyMachines to craft your irresistible sales letter.

You’ll see what happens from the moment you get in touch, to the money hitting your bank as your sales letter gets to work.

And by the end of our time together not only will you know what to look for when hiring a copywriter, but also:

  • How to get the most from your advertising budget by targeting your ideal prospect
  • How to get a sales letter unique to your business, and turn readers into buyers
  • How you can save heaps of time, stress, and money with your own dedicated conversion copywriter
Sales Letters

But, before we go any further, for the purposes of this post let’s clarify a couple of things because there are many different terms used across various industries.

When we say the sales letter… It includes any writing you need to help sell your product or service, for example, on a landing page or in a video sales letter.

And whoever you’re selling to, be it your lead, customer, or potential buyer, we shall call them the prospect.

And finally, whatever you’re selling whether it’s physical, digital, or a service we will call it your product.

Ok, let’s get to it.

When you first enquire about your copy project. The first step is a commitment-free discovery call.

This is so we can learn more about your business, the results you want to see from your sales letter, and if we’re going to be a good fit.

After this and you’re happy to move forward, we can get into the root of your project. the research.

Get the attention of your ideal prospect using deep research

Although we go far deeper, to give you a basic understanding of the research process, here are three main areas covered and questions asked when doing your research:

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  • Your prospect - Who are they? Where do they hang out? What are their hopes, dreams, and fears?
  • The market - Is there a desire for your product? Is anyone else selling a solution? Do these solutions work? Is something else needed?
  • Your product - How does your product differentiate from other solutions on the market? What have you got to offer and they haven’t?

The ability to understand what truly motivates your prospect is like knowing how Starbucks sells the coffee lover a smile on a cold commute to work.

Or how Netflix sells the overthinking mind the promise of a peaceful night-in.

And it’s also knowing that neither of these things may appeal to the herbal tea drinker with no television, who prefers to relax by reading the ancient Greek classics.

Your product may sell to one prospect but not be suitable for another.

So you need to learn the questions and the conversation your prospect has in their mind when they first get to know about your product.

This helps you to identify the stage of awareness your prospect is at, and take them from where they are now.… to where they want to be.

They should feel like you almost know them personally because you are so in tune with their desires.

As the multi-million-dollar copywriter Eugene Schwartz advised, the urge to buy comes from the market itself and not the copy. Your copy can only channel the existing hopes, dreams, fears, and desires towards your product.

Once you know who your ideal prospect is then you can get in front of them, and maximize your advertising dollars, instead of getting in front of the wrong audience and losing money.

Convert readers into buyers with your unique message

So, once you find your ideal prospect, how will you deliver your best message and get them to lust after your product?

This is where what you learned in the research becomes vital.

From your attention-grabbing headline to the lead which hooks your reader into the rest of the copy, you have to talk directly to your prospect.

Choosing the best lead to follow your headline can be a difficult task as there are many to choose from, here are just a few lead types:

  • Problem/Solution
  • System
  • Offer
  • Story

The list goes on.

Knowing which lead will have the best chance of converting your reader is gained through experience.

The ability to write the lead in such a way that it holds your reader’s attention is a particular skill.

For example, if you’ve ever heard two different people tell a story.

One may tell the story in such a way that it grips the listener, and they hang onto every word.

But the other storyteller fails to be as powerful in the delivery and ends up saying something like “I guess you had to be there…”.

Some storytellers are better than others.

Having all the research is one thing, and knowing the whole story is another, but when it comes to conveying your message, there can be very different outcomes.

For your sales letter to become irresistible, your copy needs to flow with ease and guide your prospect along smoothly so they don’t realize they’re being sold to.

From the headline to the lead then onto the offer, it needs to be a flawless transition, building trust, credibility, and desire.

Everything must be done to avoid any friction in the mind of your prospect. And this requires the skills of a conversion-focused copywriter.

Your dedicated copywriter makes it easy

As you can see, creating an irresistible sales letter requires a great deal of time and work.

You may have searched for a copywriter on one of the popular freelancing platforms, and after working through tons of applications, you couldn’t find the right fit, or they turned out to be the wrong choice.

Or perhaps you looked into hiring an agency but find the costs will blow your budget and eat into your advertising revenue. If only there was another option…

Well here’s some good news

With CopyMachines you’re able to have your own dedicated hand-selected copywriter, who is the best fit for your niche and product, chosen from our global team of intensively trained and highly experienced copywriters.

Talent has no borders and neither should opportunity, so we are proud to offer you an industry-leading service with the tightest of budgets in mind.

And for your peace of mind, every piece of copy and communication is run through a native English-speaking copy chief, so you as the client have only the best possible experience.

To enjoy the results of working with your dedicated CopyMachines copywriter and get your irresistible sales letter made easy, then please book a discovery call with us.

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