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SEO Content

The steady march of tools and technology means that your competition is producing more content faster than ever before.  In today’s fast-paced SEO environment, it is more critical than ever before that your company consistently produces high-quality content in order to keep up and ensure growth. Luckily, CopyMachines is here to help using the power of our team’s SEO content marketing services.

SEO Content

What is SEO content?

Let’s start with what SEO content is not. SEO Content is not simply producing long-form copy or content with accurate ‘keyword density’ just to rank as no 1 on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). SEO Content is also not entirely copy meant to magically attract customers to your page and make them buy what you offer.  It is a lot more than that.

SEO Content is any search-engine-friendly content or copy that is specifically written to answer questions that your target customers might have. Your content needs to inform and educate customers and make it easy for them take action. To attract customers to your website, you have to make your content easy to read by structuring it in a very logical manner and also technical enough for the search engine (Google, to be precise) to recognize it as a top answer to what your targeted customers might ask. So, SEO copywriting involves writing for both humans and machines (search engines).

Search engines are constantly being improved, making it feel like a moving target sometimes to create content with the right structure, words, and phrases.  To rank higher, companies have to put more time and effort into producing higher-quality content on a consistent schedule.

Excellent SEO Content is:

  • Very easy to read and understand.
  • Logical in terms of structure.
  • Provides well-written answer to the questions that your target customers are asking
  • Positions your brand as an authority in your industry.
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Why do you need SEO content in your business?

  • Visibility: To survive in the online space, you have to be visible. People (including you) tend to click on the first 3 websites that appear when a keyword is typed into the search engine. Why? Because the number one spot appears to be the most related to the question asked. This gives us the aim of SEO content: to ensure that your website appears as one of the first in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). The number one position on the result page has an average share of 32.5% of the traffic generated. As more people have access to your website, they get to increase activity by reading and sharing some of your content.
  • Improves your Brand’s Authority: Behind the frenzy of gaining traffic, you would want people to trust and respect your brand for the value it offers. This is the bigger picture. SEO content makes your website appear trustworthy. It also improves your brand identity and gives you authority in your field. Quality SEO content helps gain and sustain a good reputation. An authority in your field gets you everything else.
  • Conversion: If we have a lot of traffic on the website and not many purchases, what is the point of the attraction? An SEO content should be compelling enough to make customers buy what your business offers. It should contain well-crafted words that can make your readers take solid action. A business aims to make a profit. A good SEO content helps with that.

Any company that wants to compete in their industry needs to establish and maintain their online presence.  SEO content marketing services are purpose-built to help you achieve that enduring success.

How can CopyMachines help?

An SEO content writer’s job is to plan, create, and publish content that will attract the right customers. As a content marketing agency, we can provide you with an SEO content writer that can create many different types of content to help increase your traffic, leads, and sales, including:

  • Blog Posts: Yes! Engaging and captivating blog posts that keep your customers coming to your brand for advice on relatable problems in your niche. At CopyMachines, we provide quality content with in-depth knowledge of your field that will stay at the top of the Search Engine Results Page.
  • Product Descriptions: CopyMachines will provide you with compelling product descriptions that portray that amazing product you have to offer to your customers. Our well-crafted words will make your targeted clients begging to make a purchase!
  • And all-round engaging written content that will keep your brand at the top of the SERP!

Engage the services of a CopyMachines today to help your brand receive the attention that it deserves.         

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