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Unleash Your Social Media Money Magnet

Are you sleeping on the greatest time in history to build an audience for your business?

If you’re falling behind or not sure where to start then now is the time to get a plan in place and grow your social media presence.

As each minute passes and new trends arise, you have the opportunity to grab the attention of your prospect and increase your customer base.

But, in this fast-changing world of social media, only exciting and emotional content will grab the attention of your audience.

To be effective and trigger interaction from your followers, you need to be laser-focused on the content you put out there, so you can deliver your best message.

You may be aware this takes time and it can be a struggle to keep up with all the media channels available.

This is where a social media content writing service can simplify your workload and give full attention to your social media needs, leaving you time to concentrate on other areas of your business.

An experienced copywriter can deliver what you want to say, the right way, stirring emotion, and hooking your reader in.

At CopyMachines we can offer you a battle-tested social media plan alongside an elite copywriter.

And here are three of the main goals we work fast to deliver for you:

  • Build trust with your audience and increase conversions
  • Get higher engagement and boost brand awareness
  • Ride on the back of current trends with dynamic content and grow your audience
Social Media Copywriting

No matter which channel you use to grow your business, be it Instagram, LinkedIn, or even TikTok…

And whether it’s a tweet, video script, or status update then the power of copywriting delivers much more than just words on a screen.

Let’s take a look closer at some of the goals you can expect to achieve as you become a social media magnet and attract the attention of your ideal customer.

Build trust with your audience and increase conversions

Your customer loves to see a business continually engage with them on social media. This helps them get to know you, your business, and your brand, keeping you front of mind. Every interaction your customer makes with your brand, even if it’s only to read the comments on a photo or answer a question you’ve posted, is a huge opportunity to build confidence in you as a business. So when the time comes to hit the buy button you have a happy customer, who feels you’re going to live up to their expectations. As you gain more trust as a brand you can also expect to…

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Get higher engagement and boost brand awareness

But be careful…

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a business is continually repeating similar content.

To create engagement, you need to mix up your content as much as possible and get inside the mind of your audience.

This is why you need a variety of content, such as asking thought-provoking questions, adding inspirational quotes, and sharing personal stories.

You want your reader to share your content, this is the ideal sign you’re hitting the right spot.

With the use of a full-time copywriter, you get a constant stream of content ideas working to grow your following, and it becomes a very simplified process for you.

So you can…

Ride on the back of current trends with dynamic content

Every time social media blows up with a story like it did this week and will again the next, one of the fastest ways to grow is to jump on what’s trending now.

Now, not all trending content is good to ride, but if you have the opportunity to do so then your copywriter will make it happen.

For your audience to see how you’re engaged with what’s trending now and also a part of the world they see, will only serve to help you stay relevant.

So now… there’s only one question to ask…

Where to go from here

Will you jump on the social media money train today… or wave goodbye as it races away from you tomorrow?

Well hopefully, you’re ready to take action and get a grip on your social media game.

If you are…

Then you may be thinking it’s a heck of a lot of work to make this happen, and the cost of having your own full-time copywriter could be outside your budget.

Well, time for some good news.

With CopyMachines you’re able to have your own dedicated hand-selected copywriter, who is the best fit for your business, and chosen from our global team of intensively trained and highly experienced copywriters.

Talent has no borders and neither should opportunity, so we are proud to offer you an industry-leading service with the tightest of budgets in mind.

And for your peace of mind, every piece of copy and communication is run through a native English-speaking copy chief, so you as the client have only the best possible experience.

To enjoy the results of working with your dedicated CopyMachines copywriter and see your social media audience multiply, then please book your discovery call now.

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