11 Types Of Content Writing & When To Use Them

types of content writing

11 Types Of Content Writing & When To Use Them

With the now-established presence of Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google search engine, YouTube, and others. There is one thing you can’t avoid if you want to succeed in business, no matter how hard you try:

Content writing.

According to statistics, 63.5% of the world’s population consumes content on a daily basis! Me, you, and the other 63.5% of us out there eat, and breathe content.

And, as a wise business owner, using that to your advantage provides you with limitless opportunities to grow your company into a truly successful one.

In this blog post, we discuss 15 different types of content writing that you can use right away to increase your chances of success, as well as when to use them.

Let’s get into it!

The 11 Types Of Content Writing

  1. Blog Post

The first type of content writing is what you’re reading now.

To be honest, blog posts no longer have the same impact as they did when they first appeared.

People would rather watch 20 TikTok videos in a row than read a blog post of 2000 words.

Plus, unlike in the past when you could write anything to rank on the first page of search engines’ result page, you can’t do that now. You really have to know what you’re doing, understand all the complexities, and must have done a lot to see results.

But it’s still critical!

If you have the needed skill or are willing to outsource it to experts, then you can kill it.

People use Google to find answers to everyday questions. After all, you are reading this.

And if you can consistently publish excellent blog posts that rank high and provide a lot of value to your audience, you will attract a lot of attention to your service. More traffic, in other words.

Use this when: You want a lot of traffic but don’t have the budget to spend millions of dollars on paid ads. All you’d have to do is hire a content writer or two, to get the job done… that’s if you can’t do it yourself.

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  1. Social Media Posts

Every day, billions of people use social media.

So it may come as a surprise that less than 5% of people actually create anything.

If you are one of the 95% who only consumes, you must change.

One, because your audience is among those billions, and…

Two, it’s simple to stand out because most people don’t create content to attract them.

Find out which social media platforms they use the most, if they use more than one, that’s fantastic. (Your most engaging content can be reused across all social media platforms).

Determine the type of content that generates the most engagement and get to work!

Use this when: You’re confident that your target audience is very active on one or more social media channels (most people are) and you have the time to work on building a social media brand… or the budget to outsource it.

Looking for someone to handle your social media posting? Take a look at this.

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  1. Website Copywriting

Your website is your 24/7 salesperson. If it’s crap, you’re losing tons and tons of possible future customers.

That’s where website copywriting comes in… the majority of the pieces written for all of a website’s standard pages falls under this category of content writing.

The goal of this type of content writing is to provide all of the information a prospect might need about the company, its products/services, how they benefit the prospect, and its mission, vision, and values.

And almost always, you want them to take action. Be it, subscribing to your email list, scheduling a call, requesting a quote, or anything else.

Pay attention to this, nail it, and see how traffic conversion skyrockets.

Use this when: You have (or plan on having) a ton of traffic visiting your website.

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  1. Sales Copywriting

Sales copy is a text written to persuade customers to take specific actions.

It can be used to persuade readers to purchase a product, join a mailing list, download content, or take any other action that will help your company meet its sales targets.

In some cases, the quality of your sales copy can make or break your messaging efforts. You can have an incredible product that perfectly meets a consumer’s needs, but if you can’t persuade them of that, they may choose one of your competitors instead.

That’s why your copy game needs to be super dialed in.

Copy Machines also help business owners like you with this. Check out this video to see how.

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  1. Emails/Newsletter

“You get a $36 ROI for every dollar you invest in email marketing.”

That’s most likely something you’ve heard before.

Yes, email marketers use it a lot to promote their services. However, it is also true. There is research to support it.

Aside from being the most ROI-driven content source, it is also the best way to engage your audience on a consistent basis without fear of the “mighty algorithm” reducing your reach or, worse, getting completely banned from the platform.

If done correctly, you can build an email list full of hyper-engaged subscribers who will refer you to even more people. Your company will expand rapidly.

Use this: As soon as possible! It’s a great way to engage your audience, and re-engage customers so they keep buying from you… without being scared that some social media god will ban you from their platform.

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  1. Ebooks

E-books are another excellent form of content writing that can help you generate a large number of leads. They’re also relatively simple to make.

Write extensively about a topic that is important to your audience and provide useful information.

Then give it away for free… (in exchange for an email address)

Then proceed to sell them on your other offers through email marketing.

You can even charge people a small fee for it at times.

When should you make your ebook free or charge for it? Depends. However, what’s in the book plays a significant role.

Is it a 20-page quick guide that’s essentially the same as what they can easily find on the net…

OR is it a 200-page detailed book chock-full of new, credible information?

In either case, you can (and should) write an ebook about a topic that your target audience is interested in and use it to attract them so that you can sell your more expensive products to them.

If they find it extremely valuable, they will TRUST in your ability to solve their problem, and they will easily convert into customers.

(Fortunately, if you don’t see yourself writing a long-form ebook, Copy Machines can assist you. Visit this page to learn how.)

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  1. Webinar

A webinar is an excellent way to attract and engage your audience.

It’s an interactive space where you can share valuable insights or assist your viewers in gaining valuable insights themselves.

It’s also an excellent way to collect leads/prospects. Typically, you obtain someone’s email address or other information in exchange for registering for your webinar.

You get a new contact on your list and the chance to market a product or service, while the prospective customer gets free material.

With a 30 min to 2hr hour video, it’s a great way to convert cold leads who barely know you into paying customers.

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  1. White Paper

White papers are detailed reports that offer thoughtful, research-backed solutions to a problem that your reader is experiencing.

They are an excellent way to showcase innovative research and establish your company as a market thought leader with fresh perspectives.

Thorough research is the secret sauce for writing killer white papers.

Conduct extensive research to back up any claims and add value.

Make your white paper as easy to read as possible.

Learn more about writing white papers here.

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  1. Case Studies

Case studies are extremely effective at gaining the trust of potential customers or supporters.

They can be in a variety of formats, such as video or written word, and are a powerful testimonial that encourages prospective clients to think about your company as they seek to address similar issues.

A typical case study consists of three simple sections:

>What the problem was prior to your company’s intervention,

>How the customer changed, and…

>What the results were after the change.

The more similar your reader is to the subject of your case study, the better.

Use this: As soon as you have successful clients and have the capacity to take on more work. Nothing attracts more clients than a great case study!

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  1.  Quizzes

One of the most underutilized content marketing strategies is the use of quizzes.

They are a versatile research tool that allows for the collection of primary data via questions structured to pique interest and generate quality feedback on products, marketing campaigns, and other topics.

They are extremely effective at lead generation, audience engagement, and much more.

Quizzes should no longer be ignored; try incorporating them into your content marketing strategy to see how far your business can go.

Learn more about quiz marketing here.

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  1.  Press Releases

A press release is a written or recorded message sent to members of the news media to announce something significant.

Its goal is to draw attention, make headlines, and generate publicity, but more importantly, it is an excellent way to generate interest in a timely manner…

A number of “uncontrollable” variables can make or break your press release. For example, you might be able to persuade a journalist to publish your story in mainstream media.

Nonetheless, it is an excellent content strategy that can elevate your brand from unknown to household name status.

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There you have it!

This list is in no means exhaustive. I mean, there are endless types of content writing out there… technical writing, video scriptwriting, landing pages, long-form content, etc. But these 11 are great places to start. Pick the one that helps you reach your goals faster, and go all in!

Is content writing too much work for you, and you’d rather focus on running your business?

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We collaborate with business owners like you… who don’t have the time to write themselves or would rather delegate it, create high-quality content (of any kind) at the lowest possible cost.

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