10 Content Services Your Company Needs To Grow Like Crazy

10 Content Services Your Company Needs To Grow Like Crazy

Top 10 Content Services Your Company Needs To Grow Like Crazy


Everyone agrees to an extent that, “content is king!”

But most make one big mistake: not diversifying their content creation.

They create just ONE form; social media posts, emails, or maybe YouTube videos & leave it at that.

Yes, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that.

In fact, if you are just starting out & don’t have enough funds, you should focus on creating just one form of content and squeeze out as much as you can from it.

But… if you’re at a stage where you’re ready to grow your company, one of the best ways you could is by creating more content across multiple channels.

You’ll reach more people, make more impact, attract more leads, and ultimately boost your sales.

In this blog post, I’ll tell you what kind of content you should start focusing on to grow & why they are important.

If you don’t want to bother yourself with all that work though, delegating is the wisest thing to do & here at Copy Machines, that’s exactly what we do for company owners like you. Learn more here if that interests you.

That said, let’s jump in!

10 Content Services Your Company Needs To Grow Like Crazy

Content Type #1: Social Media Posting

Billions of people use social media every day. 

So it may be surprising that less than 5% of people are actually creating anything. 

If you’re amongst the 95% that only consume, you have to change.

One, because a certain chunk of those billions is your target audience and…

Two, because it’s easy to stand out since the majority of people aren’t creating content to attract them.

Find what social media network they’re active on the most (if it’s more than one, great. You can repurpose your content across all platforms).

Find the kind of content that gets the most engagement & get to work!

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Social Media Posting – Top 10 Content Service

Content Service Type #2: Blog Posting

Next are blog posts. Like what you’re reading right now.

To be honest, blog posts don’t have the same impact they did when they originally appeared.

Why? People would rather watch 20 TikTok videos in a row than read a 2000-word blog post.

But… it’s still crucial!

People use Google to find answers to questions in their daily lives. You are, after all, reading this.

And if you can publish excellent blog pieces that rank high and provide a lot of value to your target audience, you will get a lot of eyes on your service. In other words, more traffic.

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Content Service Type #3: Email Copywriting

“For every $1 you invest in email marketing, you get a $36 ROI”

That’s probably something you’ve heard a lot. 

Yes… email marketers use it to promote their services… a lot. But also because it is true. There’s research to back it up.

Aside from being the most ROI-driven content source, it is also the ideal approach to consistently engage with your target audience without the fear of the “almighty algorithm” killing your reach or worse… getting completely banned from the platform.

If executed properly, you can build an email list full of hyper-engaged subscribers who refer you to even more individuals. Your business will grow rapidly.

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Email Copywriting – Top 10 Content Service

4- Landing Page/(Video) Sales Letters Copywriting

This type of content is more direct. It focuses on turning the reader into a customer.

On one page, you must capture their attention, and make a promise with a huge benefit they care about, but not so big that it turns them off and leads them to believe you’re bluffing.

You’ll need to:

>Create a comprehensive sales pitch, 

>Prove what you’re selling works, 

>Convince them to take an action NOW. Be it buy your stuff or sign up to your email list. 

Exceptional copywriting skills are required to pull it off.

But when you get the right landing page/sales letter to sell your products, you’ll have a tool that generates profit for you on autopilot.

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5: Case Study Writing

Case studies are excellent for winning the trust of potential consumers or supporters.

They can be in a variety of formats, such as video or written word, and are a strong testimonial that encourages prospective clients to consider your company as they seek to address similar problems.

A typical case study has three simple parts:

>What the problem was prior to your company hopping in,

>How the customer changed, 

>What the results were following the change?

The more similar your reader is to your case study subject, the better.

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Case Study Writing – Top 10 Content Service

Content Services Type #6: Webinar Script Writing

A webinar is a great way to capture and engage your audience.

It’s an interactive space where you can share valuable insights or help your viewers gain valuable insights of their own. 

It’s also a fantastic way to capture leads/prospects.

Typically, you get someone to register for your webinar in return for their email address or some other info.

You gain a new contact on your list and the opportunity to market a product or service, while the prospective customer receives free material.

If done right, it’s a great way to convert cold leads that barely know you into paying customers with a 30min to 2hr hour video.

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Webinar Copywriting – Top 10 Content Service

Content Services Type #7: White Paper Writing

White papers are detailed reports that provide thoughtful, research-backed solutions to an issue your reader is facing.

They are a wonderful means of showcasing innovative research and establishing your organization as a thought leader with fresh thoughts on the market.

The secret sauce of writing killer white papers is thorough research. 

Conduct thorough research to back up any assertions and add value.

Also, make your white paper as digestible as possible.

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Content Services Type #8: Press Release Writing

A press release is a written or recorded message sent to members of the news media to announce something important and specific.

Its goal is to attract attention, make the news, and generate publicity, but most importantly, it is an excellent approach to stimulate interest in an efficient manner… 

Several “uncontrollable” factors can make or break your press release. Such as whether you can persuade a journalist to publish your story in mainstream media.

Nevertheless, it is a great marketing tactic – one that can change your brand awareness from unknown to a household name.

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Press Release Writing – Top 10 Content Service

Content Services Type #9: E-book Writing

E-books are another great form of content that can help you attract A TON of leads.

They’re also fairly straightforward to make. 

Write extensively about a topic your audience cares about, and provide valuable information. 

Then give it out for free… (in return for an email address)

Now? You can sell them on your other offers via email marketing.

Sometimes you can even charge people a small fee for it.

When should you make your ebook free or priced? Depends. But a big factor is what’s contained in the book.

Is it a 20-page quick guide that isn’t really different from what they’ll find on YouTube… 


Is it a 200-page detailed book that’s filled with new, credible info?

Either way, you can (and should) write an ebook surrounding a topic your target audience cares about, and use it to attract them, so you can sell your more expensive products to them.

If they find it super valuable, they’ll TRUST in your ability to help them solve their problem and they’ll be easily converted into customers.

(Luckily, if you don’t yourself writing a long-form valuable ebook, Copy Machines can help you with this. Go here to see how we can help.)

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Content Services Type #10: Video Script

Finally, we have video content.

They are becoming more & more important with the rise of TikTok & Reels.

It’s an open secret that sites like TikTok are goldmines for tons of organic traffic.

You’d be nuts not to at least consider what it could do for your business and revenue. 

Same thing with YouTube. Super important platform. It does take a lot of effort to grow on there, but it comes with HUGE upsides.

Look, video scripts are easy to make.  Just repurpose content from your blog posts & newsletters.

Just edit it to suit the particular platform you’re creating the video for.

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And there you have it!

10 different content types you could use to grow your business and attract more leads than you can attend to.

Again, you don’t have to start all 10 at once, pick 1 or 2 that seem favorable. Begin with that and slowly grow into using other forms.

Does it sound like too much work to create content and you’d rather focus on running your business? 

Copy Machines can help with that. 

We partner with business owners like you… who either don’t have the time to write themselves or would rather delegate it, with their content (all kinds) and do this at the lowest cost possible.

You can schedule a FREE consultation call HERE to see if we’re the right fit and how we can help you get more eyeballs on your business.

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