Crowd Content Review – Is Crowd Content Worth It?

Crowd Content Review – Is Crowd Content Worth It?

crowd content review - is crowd content worth it?
Crowd Content Review – Is Crowd Content Worth It?

Nowadays, finding exceptional content writers is grueling. If you’ve ever tried to hire writers, you’ll understand what I mean.

The “write for money” sector is overcrowded, and the bar has been set so low that anyone… even someone who can’t thread a good sentence together in English could call themselves a content writer.

That’s a negative thing for people like you who are looking for high-quality content. That’s why, in this blog post, we’ll look into Crowd Content, one of the most popular sites for finding great writers.

How does it work? What do they charge? Can you rely on crowd content writers to provide high-quality work? What are others saying about it?

Stick with us, as we’ll discuss that in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

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How does Crowd Content work?

Crowd content is a platform where you can hire writers for a wide variety of content types;

Article writing, blog posts, copywriting, ghostwriting, SEO, Press releases, and so on…

Full-Time Copywriters For Part-Time Prices

And what makes them unique is the fact that they give each writer a unique rating.

1-star, 2-star, up to 5-star… and you get to choose what level of writer can apply for your job.

Obviously, you have to go with the highly-ranked writer for better quality content, but it comes at a cost… extra cash.

If you are the type that knows the value of great content and is willing to pay almost any amount for it, that shouldn’t be a problem.

But do the stars really depict the quality of the writers?

Can you always be certain that higher-ranked writers create better quality content?

We’ll look at that soon, but let’s talk a little bit more about the platform first.

Full-Time Copywriters For Part-Time Prices

Crowd content makes it super easy

When you visit the page, you’re asked to sign up… and after giving the basic details, you’re given two options…

  1. Would you like to handle everything yourself? Or…
  2. Would you prefer an assistant (think client manager) that helps you oversee the whole process?

If you’ll be doing a lot of work on the platform, it can be easy to lose track of what you’re doing. And so, it’s advisable to go with the second option… in such case.

If you’re not doing much though, and would rather do it yourself, it’s easy.

To list a writing task, simply fill out a form with specifics. That is:

  • the sort of content you want
  • the topic of your content,
  • your budget,
  • which level of writers you want to create it, and finally…
  • your deadline.

The assignment will then be sent to writers who will then accept it if they want to write it.

When whoever chooses to take it finishes it, they send it to you for review.

Crowd content allows infinite reviews, which is a great thing because you can be certain that you’ll get what you want… that is if you’re going with a great writer, and/or are willing to go through numerous reviews.

What do they charge?

As displayed below, they charge from $4 & $40 for short-form content (like product descriptions) and long-form content (like blog posts) respectively for the “do-it-yourself” option

And they charge from $8 & $75 for the same thing (short-form & long-form content) for the “client manager” option.

Full-Time Copywriters For Part-Time Prices

A Few Crowd Content Features:

  • 6000+ Vetted Writers

For you, that means you’ll most likely find the right writer for you. If you’re worried about the decision fatigue that comes with reviewing too many writer’s applications, you need not worry. Crowd content helps you pre-vet them & shows you only the best of the best applications.

  • 5-star Ratings To Differentiate Great Writers From The Not-So-Good Ones

And you can even choose what level of writers fits your budget.

  • Client Managers

You might just want the final product, and not worry about managing writers. If that’s the case, they allow you to work with managers that handle the whole process for you and get you an end result you’re satisfied with.

  • A Wide Range Of Content Creation Services

Crowd content has writers across so many writing fields that you’ll most certainly find writers for whatever content you need. From product descriptions to case studies to eBooks, etc. They offer it all!

Full-Time Copywriters For Part-Time Prices

Crowd Content Reviews:

“So happy I found Crowd Content! Makes my work so much easier.”

“If you’re creating specialized content for a niche like me, you might have to try out a few writers before you find one that clicks.

Robin made that easy and suggested a few good options right from the start. One of them really stood out, and we’ve been super pleased with his writing for about a year now.”

“Best Content Provider!”

“Their customer service is the most helpful and friendly support team that I have encountered in this business! Also, the amount of original content their writers are able to send us each month is incredible.”

“Great Service!”

“Crowd Content allows me to choose the level of writer that best fits my writing needs and budget. They also assist me in placing my content orders. They also offer occasional discounts which helps my budget when purchasing large amounts of content.”

“Bad writing and billing are whacked”

“I used it a few times and the writing was not good.

Also, I took a break from it for a long time due to COVID and when I returned, my account balance went from $200 to zero.

When I looked at the account history, it showed that my “credit” had expired! Ummm, what? I have to contact them to get it back.

That is not only unethical but unlike any other billing scenario I have ever encountered

 I hope to get it back but wonder if I can even get it back without having to use its subpar service.” 

Here are links to other crowd content reviews if you’re interested.

CopyMachines as an alternative to Crowd Content

CopyMachines is similar to Crowd Content in a couple of ways, but what sets us apart is that… you’re charged a monthly recurring fee to get a writer assigned to you.

That writer helps you with whatever type of content/copy you want … and his/her work is ALWAYS reviewed by copywriters with decades of experience before it gets delivered to you.

So, you can be certain that you’ll always be getting great copy/content at a budget price & won’t have to worry about choosing the right writer for your work.

Want to learn more about how we can help you? Go here

Full-Time Copywriters For Part-Time Prices

In Conclusion

Crowd Content is a great place to find writers that can produce high-quality content, and despite some negative reviews, you’re more likely to have a great experience there than a bad one. So, maybe, give it a shot?

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